Friday Redouxs


Thank you, I am just in awe of the creativity of the women around the world.  I think I have to put a little one of these next to my computer, so I limit myself to how many great things there are to see and the inspiring talent!

Except, I would probably just keep turning it over and over…….
Here are some really innovative links this week:

This is from Kristy at 4 the Love of Wood

This was made from lots of different pieces, it is so inspiring, you have to go to her site to see the things this woman builds!  She does this in her “spare” time too!

This amazing piece from Maple and Magnolia

I see these clocks from time to time, and every time, sigh, I fortement désirer (very strongly desire) one for Moi! 
Finally, from Claire at Bless my Nest had these beautiful and oh très féminin!  Trays
Hope you all are having a beautiful week, Spring has hopefully Sprung, and you are all enjoying your Redouxs. 


  1. Cindy

    They are all great…thanks for sharing

  2. Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist

    Gravy!.. I just have to quite coming here.. I gat way too many good ideas!.. there are NOT enough hours in the day!

    Chanting to self..must finish wine cellar.. must finsh what I have started…must..ohhhhh



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