Would You Buy It Wednesday?

Le Junque

  1. Perhaps you could paint it a different color and make it into a computer desk and hutch which can be closed when not in use? Or it could be a pantry with the chicken wire like you mentioned.

  2. It has real potential and at only $25 you have a great deal there! Can it be stripped or is that too much work? Maybe a bright/bold color and I say try the chicken wire, it could look great!

  3. Mandy says:

    $25???? Really? Amazing. It would be beautiful in any color. Black distressed with all white dishes.

  4. I would have snatched that up…and I would have done nothing with it yet…I have had a gun cabinet in my garage for over a year. But $25 – too good of a deal!

  5. It doesn't look too bad now by what I can tell, but a little boring, some fun wallwaper in the back and a fresher color?? I have to say I love to hear I'm not the only one who can't pass up a piece, just to have it sit in the garage or spare room for months. whew. Then one day you wake up and say *TODAY Im going to work on that piece* It will be lovely:)

  6. Laura says:

    I inherited one very similar from my grandma. I recommend putting glass in the door's. It only cost me $15 per door to replace the glass in mine. The shelves are thicker and were $30 each. It's made o an odd resin material so to paint it you will need to use an oil based primer.

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