Guest Posting Today, Lisa from “A Vintage Vine”


  1. Thanks Karen for having me as a guest today! Hope your week is going wonderfully!

  2. What a great use of space and I love the built-in, custom look of this mudroom area!

  3. I love the makeover! The decorative molding adds a beautiful touch. I just found both of your blogs today and so happy I did! 🙂

  4. lisa is so amazingly sweet and talented! i am a huge fan of her style and blend of colors and textiles…. love her basically!

  5. It looks very professional and you must be thrilled with the results. Love that basket, too!

  6. Super solution. Love how you tweaked it to fit your space.

  7. It's fantastic! It looks so custom and professional. I love the bench, too.

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