Au Revoir mes french furniture friends Part Deux

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Yesterday I said goodbye to my lovely French Settee.  I know, je suis mordu triste.
Change is good and now it went to another happy home.
After I said goodbye to Le Settee, I set my sights on my old friends the French Arm Chairs.  They originally came to me via a friend who needed a place to store them.  She had only paid $5 for each of them.  Fast forward two years, and much to my delight, she no longer wanted them.  Oh I how I wish I had a picture of the original state. They were 70ish brown with Orange (and not the pretty orange, more like shag rug orange) color, in Velvet.
This is the closest example I could find (courtesy of Google Images)
You get the picture 😉
I completely gutted them.  Took off every last piece of fabric, support, inner workings, etc., until there was nothing left but the frames.  Then I built them back again.  Painted the frames French Blue.  I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of the process…..
They lived a nice long life in my family room, then migrated to my Living Room

Now it is time for them to live another life in another Happy Home.  By the way, the proceeds from my French Furniture Friends is going directly to my new “front room couch fund”, which I will hopefully be showing off soon!

I stripped off the fabric, which was a White Duck cloth, I had dyed in a light tan, (just leave it in dye bath for a few minutes, or it will get too dark).   Painted the frames in my favorite “Graphite” ASCP.  Just one coat!  Waxed, and reupholstered them this time, in DROP CLOTH fabric.  I love the result.  They look chic and fresh.


  1. freddyandpetunia

    Wow–I luv the graphite paint color!
    Someone is so lucky!

  2. Drama Mama Lori

    Girl your pieces are so amazing! Where do you find all these lovely frenchy chairs? Not kidding. Where I live, I either find them in perfect antique condition ($$$$) or… okay, I don't find them at all. I just want ONE (selfishly) to redo (or attempt to Redoux) for my great room. Anyway, love your stuff! – L

  3. Kahli

    I love the darker frame. It's very dramatic now!

  4. Pamela

    These are great too!


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