Chinese Finger Trap


  1. I'm glad you had a happy ending, and love that you still drove away with the goods! Ahhh, a day in the life of a diy'er.

  2. Amy says:

    A race car steering wheel (the kind with the different sized holes), a trip to the fire dept to cut it off…and 3rd degree burns from the metal fragments that landed on my hand from the saw…didn't keep this girl from getting a truck load of free furniture either! I commend you on your success to free yourself with out the aid of an emergency technician!

  3. Oh your poor finger! That looks PAINFUL!

  4. Owie-owie-O-o-o-WE!
    Glad to hear you escaped on your own Houdini–w/your stash!
    My Grandma used to say–
    Eat a frog 1st thing in the day,
    and nothing worse can happen.
    Sounds like that was your frog!

  5. knack says:

    oh my goodness! That is crazy! …..but I love your “worker woman” hands! I totally have them too …and am proud of it! I am so thrilled that you got some really great finds! Yay!

    there have been so many crazy stories, that my friends and family tell me I need to write a book about it one day……hmmmm…maybe that will be book number 2 :)…….and I totally want to know more about the dude in the dumpster! That picture made me laugh out loud!! What the heck! Just chillin' in the dumpster……


  6. One thing I have always admired about Martha Stewart is her hands: they are real, not some overly-manicured diva-claws. Her hands can DO things! So, your “worker woman” hands look great to me. Wear that boo-boo as a badge of honor (and I hope it heals quickly!).

  7. That was the best thing I have read all week!! That is too funny. I love the story, wish we could go junking together. I'd go just for the laughs alone.

  8. Oh My!Way worse than hot glue burns!

  9. kim imboden says:

    oh yes I can relate to this. but my story kind of went like this. I had broken a glass frame in my house. put that in a bag and then put that in another bag. I put everything in my car. went to an auction. was putting stuff in the back drove home. and yes you guessed it reached in to move the bag and cut finger. so here I am kids in car finger wrapped in napkins unloading car so I can go back to get rest of stuff, then off to hospital. 5 stitches later…. kids are mad because they had to stay at the hospital with me for 3 hours.. ugh. I still hit where my stitches are and it still hurts… hope your finger feels better. what we do for our great junk..

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