A Campaign with Paint and Link Party announcement!!

Good Time Charlie

  1. Hi There, great to find your blog, just got a note from the gals at the Picket Fence and Stuff and Nonsense, my Friday party gal pals, about your new party. I'll be linking up to yours too, I'd love for you to add me to your list! Have fun!! Debra

  2. Awesome!! Go Alison B 😉
    Austin ran for prez and his slogan was “Don't Fork Around ~ Vote Austin Fox”
    We had all the posters outlined with plastic forks. hehe.
    Guess it worked 😉 He won.

  3. That brought back memories! I think making the posters and stickers was my favorite part of any school election. Oh the fun I would have now…I mean the fun the kids would have!

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