La Route pour Junque de Liberer!

Le Junque

  1. awesome. Always looking for some free stuff (furniture. Mrs. Smith found a coffee table for free on CL – so she sent me out for it the other night. 20 miles round trip (about $4 in gas the way I see it). But it was a great solid piece of coffee table that – with a little paint – will make someone really happy.

  2. serious???? I am having chest pains!! SO LUCKY!!!!! SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!! Love that you were talking to my neighbor Shelly too…:)

  3. oh awesome! i love that mirror!

  4. Fabulous! Hard work pays off!!! I will look forward to seeing your transformations!

  5. Yep. I hate you.

    THAT mirror ALONE is fabulous you lucky dog.
    Good haul =)

  6. Twice Nice says:

    It's hard to keep a good pair of jeans when you're a Junker. 😉 Fun stuff there!!

  7. Sheila says:

    Be still my heart! Good Gravy you really scored! I do covet the mirror and the sleigh bed though.

  8. You are SO lucky! I know, I know, it's not luck!! I have your mirror's twin sister on my wall right now. I think they've been separated long enough. I'll send you my address? ;D Great finds girl!! ~L

  9. Tori says:

    Wondering what you did with the footboard (the upside down cream colored one)? I picked up the exact same one -with it’s matching headboard. I was thinking store sign or some such……

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