Le Doors Have it, Free Again!

Le Junque

  1. Amy says:

    Compared to my garage, your garage looks like heaven!!!!

  2. Just so you know… toes curled when I saw your garage…If lovin junk is wrong, then I dont WANNA be right!! LOL!!! Now I have to go wipe all the drool off of my keyboard….
    Keep on JUNKIN my sister!!

  3. Those doors are breathtaking!!

  4. Anita says:

    Oh how awesome! You find the best stuff!

  5. Twice Nice says:

    Wow, what a great stash! I don't think you can call Hoarders Anonymous until you have lost at least one of your little people or the favorite family pet in the piles. At least that's what I tell my Mr. when he starts to question my “collection”. Can't wait to see all the pretties you'll make with those doors.

  6. Oh maaaaan! The “fog” lifted from my severe head cold long enough to have junque-envy!
    Omgosh–the reno-dumpster door would be very cool as a MudRoom door with some sign painting for Laundry Services–$$ and hours!
    –The garage doors would be FABulous applied vertically as paneling in an office, or horizontally as wainscoting!
    Dang your luck–I'm comin' to visit!

  7. those doors are awesome! and i had a karen moment today…. i live out in the country so not much happens out here. i was driving along, headed to of course the salvation army, when i spy with my little eyes a pair of nesting tables… so i knock on the door and discover the owner is indeed tossing them and yes i can have them!

  8. Chatty Chics says:

    Too cute! Great find! I'm in the same situation! So many great pieces and not enough time to work on all of them so they are getting stacked in my house! 🙂
    PS Linked up at your party too! Thanks! Feel free to visit mine on Wednesdays (it's actually still open if you can join!)

  9. lady I am seeing you all over blog land. Nice features!

    ~ robin

  10. Hey Karen ~ howz that que working out for you – lol! What a score!!

  11. Twila says:

    I love your junk!!! I just ran across your blog a bit ago and now I have to show it to my family… They are very worried about me! lol I too see all the fun I can have with someone else’s leftovers! 🙂
    There is great satisfaction in making someone drool over a project… and yup.. I drool over yours!

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