Friday Feature Party #50 and Mes Préférés


Welcome to Fridays at Redoux!  I think we have a theme going here from last week’s party, and it is COLOR.  I think we are all ready for Spring and it is showing in our projects.

Before we get started, Merci, Merci, Merci for all the fabulous birthday wishes.  You all know how to make a girl feel so loved on her “day”!

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Do you have kids in your home, are they obsessed with making everything out of duct tape?  Maybe that is just my kids, but the clever girls at “At the Picket Fence”, Heather and Vanessa take it to a whole new level.  They trimmed out curtains in bright red duct tape, and it looks fantastic.  Duct tape wallets, purses, hair bows and anything that can hold anything with duct tape has been created at my home, but never in a million years would I think to put it on the curtains.  It looks fantastique!

Do you have Mason Jars in your home?  I think we all have some semblance of this jar.  My neighbor is moving and was so sweet to give me a giant box filled with them.  I have been mulling over ideas of what to do with them that was new and different.  Ugly Duckling Transformations showed me just what to do, spray paint them in a bright, cheery color!

I love Butcher block counters, and I have them in my home on my island.  They were not a cheap option when we put them in, but I was shocked to see that the price has literally doubled in the last 8 years.  PHJ designs has an amazing tutorial on how to get the same look of butcher block counter tops, using real wood, for only a fraction of the cost.  You have to see it to believe it.

You know how I hate to throw out good furniture, or even buy new furniture if I can repurpose something I already have on hand.  I am so in love with what Cottage in the Oaks did to solve a buffet storage problem.  She and her husband built basic storage shelves and topped it with a gorgeous piece of wood, which they stained.  Then her husband hung a long piece of copper piping and they added a skirt to hid all the storage.  She shows a wonderful tutorial on how she did it all, the end result is stunning, and you won’t believe how much stuff she has hiding in there!

My next feature is something completely different.  All My Musings shared tassels she made from really, everyday objects.  Things I would never think to make a tassel from, bolts, copper wire, etc.  You have to see the whole post to understand how truly inspired she is!

This next feature caught me totally by surprise, I have mixed feelings on  “Ombre” (Sorry Ombre lovers!!), but sometimes I see something I love, where the colors blend into each other, which I do adore.

Nine Red did a beautiful job on this simple chair, and the tutorial is so detailed on how to achieve this look that you would think you were sitting right there with him to create your own Ombre Masterpiece.

You know how much I love a good dumpster dive.  I often find drawers without homes, cabinet doors missing their main pieces, and I love to find ideas of what to do with all these lonely orphans.  Leon Design came up with a beautiful solution.  She is making a series of “Nautical themed” boxes from old drawers, this is one of my favorites:

Last but not least, I had just received my latest Pottery Barn Catalog, you know, our “idea bible”?  I had torn out a page to try to recreate this lovely lime green and white finish they had on a side chest.  Not minutes later I saw this link up from The Crevistons who had already done it!  I think I like hers even more than the original!

Les Pâques Joyeux Everyone!!

Now it is your turn!!!

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  1. Denise

    Bonjour, thank you for hosting a great party!

  2. Debra@CommonGround

    Some great features, that chair is knock your socks off!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Little Bit

    Thanks so much for hosting and allowing us the opportunity to all connect via you! Little Bit

  4. cassie

    i am so in love with that chair!

  5. Rachel

    Karen ~~~ great features this week! Can’t wait to look around this weeks party…thanks for hosting and keep celebrating that birthday…it’s good all month right?!?!?!?

  6. Jesse

    Hey Hey! Thanks so much for posting my ombre chair! People seem to really like the details in the tutorial, I’m glad – because I worried I was rambling! The chair found a nice home in Berkeley, but I’m stoked to make more.

    I highly recomend everyone try their hand at ombre fade, it’s fun, fast, & rewarding. It will get you in the creative mood!

    Thanks again!

  7. Megan

    Thank you for hosting. 🙂 Megan

  8. Shannon Fox

    Karen-I always love your features. Such a great variety. I love that buffet solution, I saw something similar once, but it was not covered. What fab storage!! That lime dresser is amazing too!!

  9. Vanessa

    Thanks again for the feature my friend!! 🙂

  10. Pamela

    I made it this week! Thanx for hosting lady! Hope your day is going well!

  11. Tricia

    Thank you for hosting I am following you!
    Tricia @ {SeekingEcoChic}

  12. Linda Leyble

    Hey Karen…nice blog redoux. I have to do that as well – as soon as I have a few more dollars in my pocket I will.

    I hope to have a few projects for you for linking soon. It’s not that I don’t have the projects…just not great pictures…or I have yet to take them. I am making it more of a point to take “before” pics which are important. Don’t know why I forget that sometimes!!

    Looks like you are doing great – keep up the fabulous work!



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