Happy Wednesday, feels like a Tuesday, and I am hoping it is Friday.

I am soooooooooo (can you had a few hundred more “o’s” here?)  behind schedule.  We had such a lovely Memorial Day, we got tons of things done in our yard, weather was perfect, and we had a BBQ with friends to wrap up the day.

BUT!!!  I am behind in EVERYTHING!  The only thing going on a regular schedule is my laundry (because I tend to be a bit Type A in this department).  I have a gorgeous patio I am dying to share with you, complete with my new room divider, made from all those garage door panels I picked up for free.

Remember these?

New outdoor furniture that was Free To Me, and lots more.

Here is a sneak peek:

Today, you will have to settle with more of me congratulating myself.  I was featured at this fantastic blog:

For my “Make anything look like Wood Post”. 
If you missed it, you can read all about it HERE.  I am racing out the door to get a big kitchen finished for a client before kids are out of school.  I have a HUGE sale this weekend at PFM and I have one more BIG project to help my kids build for the last week of school.  Do I sound like I am coming a little undone?  No worries, I always sound this way.  Have a great Wednesday, I will be back tomorrow.


  1. cassie

    oooh love those doors! i feel so behind- this short week is throwing me off!

  2. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    Deep relaxing breaths!

    I can’t wait to see those garage doors in full! And as usual – I am sure I’ll love it!

    (and I thought you were only type a over your kitchen counters)!!??

  3. Stacey

    Awww…you are so sweet! Your post was amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us!
    Stacey :o)


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