Blogueur d’invité, Kelly, from Eclectically Vintage!


  1. lynn says:

    thanks for the tips, kelly! your kitchen is sooo fabulous!

  2. Fabulous tips! I’m proud to say I employed many of them on projects that I just could not complete on my own …

    Kelly, looking forward to part two …



  3. cassie says:

    that lighting was totally worth the extra spent there! SWOON!

  4. Pamela says:

    Awesome tips! Thanx for sharing Kelly & karen!

  5. Karen,
    Fun to stop by today (with we could sit back and toast over a glass of wine)! You made my day – just throw a few compliments my way, and I’m putty in your hands!

  6. These are really AWESOME tips! Kelly’s result was well worth all of the work. Great guest poster to have Karen, can’t wait to see part 2. 🙂

  7. Shannon Fox says:

    All great points Kelly! Especially the “get it in writing”.

    Oh, and the get it in writing.

    Look forward to hearing more about how you made you home so awesome!!

  8. awesome tips! can’t wait for the details next week!

  9. Nancy says:

    I a twitch close to signing the dotted liine on Alabama white marble counter top for my kitchen. Very similar albeit a little whiter than carrera. What centimeter did u use? Counter guy says 3 cm. that 2 cm will look cheesy. Love ur look do u recall what cm u used? What height ceilings do u have- I have 8ft which might make a dif. Love the basket weave backsplash too you said eBay do u recall vendor? Thanks so much for taking your time to share your ideas- love love love your style!

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