Trashy Tuesday, If you think it, you will find it

Le Junque

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday, where I talk Trash, and junque, and dumpster diving.

Just because yesterday was a holiday, didn’t mean I took a day off from checking “le Garbage”.  I did find a few goodies, at my favorite dumpster, I found these shelves, which I can paint and easily sell at PFM….., another wood box, and this fun old wood outdoor chair, which needs some love, but will be fabulous.

And!  I get a lot of questions about dumpster diving, the biggest being, “Do you actually get into the dumpster?”  Up until now, the answer has been “NO” because the good stuff is usually on top, or next to it.  Yesterday, I crossed the line.  I got ALL THE WAY IN.  Somehow I had missed the last of these fantastic wood boxes I found last week, and there was one, at the VERY bottom of the dumpster.  I can now say, I am “in”!

Today, I did a quick check early A.M.  The dumpsterees were busy again last night!  I found these perfectly good chair pads, which I can easily cover and plant to use for my kitchen benches. (The built in benches are great, they have been longing for pads).

And here is where is gets really good.  We have been talking about putting a built in work station, that doesn’t necessarily look like a work station in our family room.  I have been brainstorming how to achieve this, for practically nothing.  This morning, at an Apartment Dumpster, I found THIS:

With some love, and a good solid base, I am confident I can make this entire project look custom made, and of course, it will be FREE!

Thanks for talking trash with me this morning.  You know it is my favorite subject.


  1. Shannon Fox

    I must kneel in your presence 😉 Great finds… again!

  2. Peggy @The Decorating Files

    These are great finds! I can’t wait to see what you do with the work station and the chair. Are your dives always this productive?!

  3. Doreen

    Just Amazing what you find!


  4. Catherine

    NICE finds! I just love those boxes–share?

  5. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    You need a hazmat suit now – you are officially going into the depths but it’s worth it with all your fabulous scores!

  6. Vanessa

    Awesome finds! I’m super impressed with your mad dumpster divin’ skills my friend! 🙂

  7. cyndi

    I’d say you found some awesome junkness!

  8. Micki @addhousewife

    that’s terrific! They were clearing out the house across from us today. I started to bring some goodies home but DH would not help haul things across the street. He gave me the “eye roll”…Still I managed to snag a brand new plastic storage cart for DS’s room AND a lamp…

  9. Brenda

    I am shaking my head at that last one! Lol. But I can’t wait to see what you do with it – i’m sure it will be awesome!

  10. Holly Lefevre

    I am having to part with some of my projects now to clear out the space for moving…I hope to start dumpter diving again soon. LOVE those wood boxes.


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