Trashy Tuesday, If you think it, you will find it

Le Junque

  1. Shannon Fox says:

    I must kneel in your presence 😉 Great finds… again!

  2. These are great finds! I can’t wait to see what you do with the work station and the chair. Are your dives always this productive?!

  3. Doreen says:

    Just Amazing what you find!


  4. Catherine says:

    NICE finds! I just love those boxes–share?

  5. You need a hazmat suit now – you are officially going into the depths but it’s worth it with all your fabulous scores!

  6. Vanessa says:

    Awesome finds! I’m super impressed with your mad dumpster divin’ skills my friend! 🙂

  7. cyndi says:

    I’d say you found some awesome junkness!

  8. that’s terrific! They were clearing out the house across from us today. I started to bring some goodies home but DH would not help haul things across the street. He gave me the “eye roll”…Still I managed to snag a brand new plastic storage cart for DS’s room AND a lamp…

  9. Brenda says:

    I am shaking my head at that last one! Lol. But I can’t wait to see what you do with it – i’m sure it will be awesome!

  10. I am having to part with some of my projects now to clear out the space for moving…I hope to start dumpter diving again soon. LOVE those wood boxes.

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