Weekend Warrior Wounds

Good Time Charlie

  1. Shannon Fox says:

    Oh. my. gosh. You poor babies!!!! You look a little over worked in that last picture. You poor sweetheart! Hope Monday is treating you better. You need to be careful in that sun my dear, you are fair, and I care. Sunscreen is a must. Hope the honeys back is better. Big hugs!!

  2. Looks like that Emergency Preparedness Course did not work for the two of you! Maybe you need to take the part 2 class!

    I would tell you to relax on your patio with your feet up – but I want you to stay out of the sun!!

  3. Kim says:

    I had the same day as you yesterday, this entire post was me. I love that the potting soil bag is in the background of your staining photo … and as for the shower comment, Mother’s day isn’t a good one unless the only shower you took was the one before bed so you didn’t get your sheets dirty and make yourself more work!

  4. Kathleen McVey says:

    Good grief, you do look a tad haggard, but I bet the yard looks fantabulous! Poor Mark’s back! I hope he is all better today, and perhaps you and I should do something about those feet in need of a bit of pampering … say … Saturday? You aren’t going to be Weekend Warrioring this next weekend, because I’m going to commandeer all your time and attention 🙂

  5. cassie says:

    that happened to my sander recently and i kept trying to use it anyhow and just got frustrated. i finally bought a new sander because HD no longer sells the one i had or the replacement pads! i got the dewalt which i know they will always carry…. so frustrating! and i was trying to finish a piece for a friend and just getting mad!!!

  6. Catherine says:

    Oh Maaaan!
    Does it make you feel any better that I too
    am beating myself up over this last guest BR?
    I’m channeling you from cross-country!

  7. Yikes! I feel like this is my daily story! I jump headfirst into a project…in my jammies. Then I surface at around 2 thinking it’s noon, then have to rush to get a shower, pick up my daughter, and catch up on the rest…ugh!

  8. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Oh wow Karen! I’m just glad you lived to tell about it! Sounds like a rough weekend! And were you working in bare feet? … Well if so, don’t do that again!

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