Trashy Tuesday, The weekly trash update

Le Junque

  1. Nancy Carr says:

    Anytime we find something like the big canvas it is good to get it and paint (or something else) over it. Wish I had a canvas that large. Love your blog!

  2. Teri says:

    I carry a garden “claw” (it looks like a cross between a hoe and a rake with 5 downward bent tines) in the back of my truck. It extends my reach for many things… for pulling stuff out of the truck that have slide up to the cab, for pulling out river driftwood where there might be snakes, for pulling stuff out of a pile or dumpster, and so on. It’s great!

  3. Lisa Rohrbaugh says:

    Quick question, Is dumpster driving illegal? I live in Pennsylvania and would love to try it but am afraid I could get in trouble for doing it. Love your redoux!

  4. Jill Flory says:

    🙂 fun post to read! I’ve gone ‘trashing’ as we called it, once. It was fun and there is quite a high to be gotten from finding cool stuff for free! I really must hook up with some ladies I know around here and go with them sometime! If they will let me of course!

  5. I like working for my junque… hahaha. My, you have some nice junk in your trunk. 😉

  6. Bliss says:

    I have not made the move to dumpsters yet, might be because I don’t live in a city where good s$!t is tossed out. However I do like the big bold obvious FREE sign in front of someones home.


  7. Now that you’re officially diving into the dumpsters, your biceps have probably never looked better. Forget crunches, squats and curls, dumpster diving is the new Zumba!

  8. Suffering Husband says:

    Being an attorney and not really wanting to spend money bailing my sweetheart
    out of jail, I actually checked out the legality of dumpster diving, and remember a bit
    from law school which applies. The general gist is so long as there is no expectation of privacy attaching to the dumpster, it is yours to delve in to (so to speak). In other words, if it is accessible it is yours. You can even (generally) go into your neighbors garbage if it is on the curb- but not if it is in their side yard. Obviously some dumpsters have signs saying no diving, which have to be abided. A few municipalities have no dumpster diving ordinances- I am currently petitioning Brentwood so as to reclaim my house and garage, but so far no luck. If no city ordinance and the dumpster is publicly accessible, have at it (in my opinion)

  9. I love that you work for your junque. It just means every piece has an even better story to tell. Thanks for sharing your dumpster diving stories every week. You crack me up!
    Keep on divin’!

  10. Shannon Fox says:

    Keeping the landfills lighter… one piece at a time 😉

    And… only you would skip a tag sale, to later find it for free! You have the le’ junque touch. I can’t wait to get a better look at that dresser =)

  11. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    I am so intrigued, but also a little scared! I have picked things up from the curb of course, but never actually ventured into a dumpster. I guess I’m not officially a part of the team just yet, but I’m working up my courage!

  12. Deb Owen says:

    My husband actually beat me to dumpster diving…while we were on vacation no less! He brought me a chair that will probably end up restyled for my garden and a ten speed he is bizarrely proud of! Now I’m thinking, maybe I’ll just drive and he can be “dive in” buddy!

  13. Lizy says:

    Karen you are killing me…this is hilarious and btw..can I get a badge and display it on my fb wall? why you ask? because I’m not sure if it’s consider officially “dumpster diving” but “trash snatching” (if that is even a word) lol, I snatched my first piece of furniture from my neighbors trash…drove by it and when I came by still was there so I walked to it and now sits on my garage…to my husband’s despise…and being experimented on with also my first time use of CeCe’s paint!…so how about that for inspiration, contagion of addiction via blog and plain good ol’ trashing!!! :=) Big Hugs! Lizy

  14. Oh Karen you are too funny! I’ve never dumpster dived (yet) but I cannot drive past a goodwill with out going in. And if I can’t stop to go in and I get super anxious about something I might have missed. Someone needs to make a anti anxiety pill for DIY thrifters. 🙂

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