Blogueur d’invité, Bliss! From Bliss Ranch


I am beyond thrilled for my guest blogger today.  I think most of us know this gal by the AMAZING furniture transformations she cranks out.  Bliss from Bliss ranch thinks outside the box, like no one else.
How can we forget this?
(I still have not shown this to my son, he would be after me to make this for him until I finally succumbed!)
Or This??

Bliss is back again with yet ANOTHER amazing dresser Redoux, this could be my favorite so far!


Bonjour Redoux readers.  Mon nom estBliss from Bliss Ranch and I am tapping into my 1/2 Frenchness while I compose my post here at Karens fantastique blog.  Growing up a street smart brat from California, I probably speak Dumpstereese much better.  As an adult I thought I was a reformed garbage picker till I discovered blogging and the treasures still to be had.  And the free dressers….

Free Dresser

As a kid I lived close to a strip mall, and we would scour the dumpsters for boxes to play in and anything else that looked fun.  Our parents would cringe to find us playing in a dumpster!  We also climbed in and out of the local Good Will bin.  It had a drop chute big enough for kids to fit.  And heaven forbid you lived on our street and were moving.  You know how you throw out stuff you don’t want?  Imagine our neighbors horror to drive down the street and see us wearing their old junk, pushing a broken doll cart and finding their Monday curbside trash pile scattered all over after we ravaged it.   

I’m not proud, I said I was a brat.  As a kid I didn’t know people would feel violated to have me take their trash treasures.  If my old neighbors are reading… I’m sorry.  It was just one of the many ways unsupervised city kids entertained themselves.  No I didn’t drink, just wanted to put this picture next…..

Vintage Pour Spout

In case you have not noticed Karen is a master at picking up a piece of furniture from God knows where, and transforming it into something you or I would be happy to have in our home.  When she flattered me by asking if moi would be interested in doing a guest post I thought of course!….. but big shoes to fill coming over to Redoux.  So I have to break out the big gun… my FREE-ugly-peeling-veneer-dresser-turned-portable-bistro

I neeeeeded this portable bar for times when company (or grown kids) come
calling and I want to keep the mosquitoes and heat out of my house.

It Chills

 No more running back and forth to the house to prepare beverages.  It can be
filled with ice and some liters of soda or stocked for whatever the occasion.  It doesn’t have to involve libations.  Ahhhh……. I can hear the
crack of something cold now.

I wondered if I should send out antique leaded stem martini glasses that I picked up at a garage sale.  But what fun are they stored in a cabinet?  Not like I’d be serving kids right?

My favorite part is the crackle glass globes.  They look so pretty at night, candles casting just the right amount of light for refills.

Garage sale globes, 6 for $5

Dresser turned Beverage Center

Here is my #3 son making his acting debut.  He’s acting like an adult enjoying that libation.  I felt I needed a human in at least one photo.  I warned him not to drop the glass.  It has been so hot this is the closest the libation station has been to entertaining anyone outside.  Call me crazy but I don’t want to sit outside in 100 degrees. 

If you want to see all the dresser bar details you can hop over to my post.  A tidbit just for Redoux readers, yes that is a real libation.  Mikes Hard Lime rimmed with salt tastes pretty margarita like.  But don’t worry I did not contribute to the delinquency of the actor, I drank it myself.  At 10 in the morning because I hate to waste anything.

Thank you Karen for letting me wheel my beverage cart over to your place for the day.  When it cools off outside I’ll have a drink with you.  But it might be turned to a hot coco and coffee station by then as we sit by the fire this Fall.  Can you wait that long?

Thank you so much Bliss!!!  I feel an Ice Cold Diet Pepsi coming on right now!  Have any in there?


  1. Susan

    Bliss I love your beverage center. The words on the side are fabulous… and that drink looks great too!

  2. Heidi @ Decor & More

    Yay, Bliss!! One of my favorites of your brilliant projects! And I totally would have consumed that Mikes Hard Lime at 10 a.m., too. Cheers!
    xo Heidi
    PS — great choice, Karen! Bliss rocks!

  3. Janel from NellieBellie

    Yay Karen…you sure know how to pick your guesters :). That Bliss is a wonder with furniture!! I don’t think her brain ever stops thinking.

  4. Brenda McDevitt

    Bliss! You had me at 10 am!
    I love the cart, and I am sure I love you too! 🙂 lol


  5. Jen @ Four Marrs & One Venus

    Bliss Bliss you take my breath away! Cheers to you and that delish Mikes Lemonade! You have incredible talent girl…. wow! Keep rocking and rolling, I love seeing all your projects!

  6. Jesse

    Dang! What a great idea, very nice work! I’ll head over to the blog

  7. cassie

    bliss is bliss…. amazing, creative, funny…. i just love her.

  8. Jill Flory

    That is a cool makeover! I like Bliss Ranch a lot!

  9. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    Bliss is my kind of dumpster diving, 10am margarita drinking gal! Anyone who goes into the Goodwill bin has issues – but the kind of issues I like!

    And her furniture is pretty fabulous too!

  10. Bliss

    OH you guys! I know I’ve said it before but the best part of guest posting is the nice comments. Thank you Karen for having me over. If I could type something in French other than that dirty stuff from the Lady Marmalade song I would.


  11. Kathryn

    love the start of the post and love the end too…..both of you are great…..I had not seen or missed the top and love the lights, a detail so many would miss…..yeap love it………So I think if is late enough in the day and a Mikes lemonade sound great… the flavors they offer….going with a red for now….take care guys

  12. debbiedoos

    My friend Bliss ROCKS everything she does. LOVE her furniture makeovers.


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