Trashy Tuesday, what do you find on your morning walks?

Le Junque

  1. Gee whiz, all I find are piles of poo that folks don’t want to scoop behind their pooches! I wanna walk in your neck of the woods. 😉
    Great finds — can’t wait to see what you do with them!
    xo Heidi

  2. Katherine Landreneau says:

    Wow! Nice finds!
    Well, yesterday when I walked out to leave for work, I found a dead opposum in the driveway and two days before that, a dead armadillo laying on his back, all four feet up in the air! Our dogs don’t like trespassers! Lol
    Sometimes I see things on the side if the road and have “rescued” them, not often.
    The best place for me to find “junque” is at the “fatrais” on Saturdays in Redell. Anyone can bring their “junque” to auction off! Fun! The real name for the event is “The farmer’s Auction”.

  3. Susan says:

    I walk in the evening… My friends and I find things all the time! Just the other day I found a great sofa table, redid the top and the drawers and voila… instant new table! It’s where I get all my re-do treasures!

  4. Bliss says:

    First I would have to take a walk………


  5. Sandra says:

    WOW! I almost never find anything good in the trash. I did find a huge bookcase headboard once, which now graces my bedroom. And occasionally a good piece of wood is peeking out of a trash dumpster, but rarely. My daughter (who has been well trained by her mama) spotted a whole pile of really good stuff out at the curb, some of it brand-new! I am talking NICE stuff, including a wonderful coffeemaker still in the box, had never been unpacked. We have always wondered why somebody threw all that out~~maybe wedding gifts for a marriage that went sour really, really fast? it is great fun to find something I can use, even if it is just a scrap of wood, or a broken lamp I can redo!

    • Ebrahim says:

      Posted on If it makes you feel better, Matt, when I first wachetd STIII (at a youngish age), I did not realize that THAT was how Saavik planned on helping Spock. The thought did not occur to my innocent little mind until much later. (I voted for Robin.)

  6. Certainly not furniture ~ we’re more apt to find: cattails, frogs, and on a good day on the beach ~ Petoskey Stones.

  7. cassie says:

    i find deer, butterflies, rabbits on my morning walks. yet i am still the one to drive into a ditch. and get nothing.

  8. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    I must be taking the wrong route on my walks!

  9. Suffering Husband says:

    Is that truck still there?

  10. Catherine says:

    Wow – what great finds!! I often take the long way home on a Wednesday because its the day before curbside pickup in my area. I’ve found some amazing stuff – i can’t believe what people throw away. This week I found a great chair just sitting on it’s lonesome. Can’t wait to recover…

  11. As a Labor & Delivery nurse, I do have to giggle a little at the Fetal Heart Rate and Contractions monitor strip you’ve got here! Too funny!!
    And the only thing we find in the ditch here is dead, bloated deer 🙁 YUCK!!

  12. Jill Flory says:

    SCORE!!! What wonderful pieces people throw out where you live!! Guess I need to start taking some long walks – but around here I’m afraid all I’d find in the ditches is trash – not junque!!

  13. Tess says:

    OMG! Epic. Why, just yesterday one of my neighbors called and said, “Drop what you’re doing and meet me at the corner of such and such. There’s le junk here.” I’ve trained my neighbors to call at the site of wood, furniture, metal…trash! Boy did I score. Old mirror screaming for a chalk message board…copper wire….wood pieces! Later in the evening…different neighbor hooked me up with 1920/30s chairs and a desk! Bam, bam!

  14. I find dog doo, broken branches and a rock or two – nothing like this! Maybe I need to move!

  15. Great finds! I never find goodies when I go on walks…but other people bring me the goodies they find. I love that when people see old crap next to a dumpster they think “I should grab that for Ashley!”.

  16. Fantasia says:

    I am impressed, have to say, i have done it a few times lately and thought I would never find someone else that did this. I was amazed when I first went and saw what a small store basically for teens throws out. I could not believe my eyes. Now, I have to go about once per week and last week when I found a very lg. amount of things and I have been back and seems they are no longer putting things in ziplock baggies in 2 weeks. Hmmmm, I think someone that worked there was throwing things out after returns and inventory and they went to get the (bagged trash) that they put it in so neatly in the dumpster & when they went to retrieve it, of course it was gone!!

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