Hee Haw! The Cowgirl kitchen got a new look!

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Happy Labor day friends!  I hope everyone is truly getting a break from their Labors and are enjoying the last days of summer.

I am getting ready for a big week here. My twins, who are almost 11 are heading to 6th grade Science Camp this week, and before they get back, I am heading to Washington state for a fundraiser and workshop for CeCe Caldwell’s paints at Orphan Decor in Spokane.  CeCe herself will be there, as will many of the CeCe Caldwell’s family.  I cannot wait to meet with like minded creative souls and learn some fun new painting techniques.

We all know that Oak is solid, really, really solid!  It doesn’t always translate to a beautiful, up to date, light and airy kitchen.  My client has a small home, with a very small kitchen, but what she lacks in space, she more than makes up for in personality and fun.  Her home is decked out in all things Western that pay tribute to her horse loving, horse riding, way of life.  She recently updated her kitchen, but got bucked (get it???) at what she thought would be the uber high price of painting her cabs.  Not so!  We were able to give her a kitchen a whole new look at a very “Fair Shake”.

Here is a look at the before:

Beautiful countertops?  Check.  Gorgeous floors?  Check.  Fun decor?  Check.  Great appliances?  Check.  Light?  Well…….

Enter the magic of paint……..

As I mentioned, the kitchen was small, so just changing the color to a light color made all difference.

Emma got the cabinets prepped and ready, thorough cleaning with TSP, followed by a light sand, and Zinnser primer.  I like to go over the primer with a few coats of Zinnser Enamel spray primer.  This kind of “seals the deal” that the paint will not wear off, water won’t get to the wood, and the overall look will be beautiful.

We did two coats of Modern Masters Basic White, followed by a light coat of a very weak glaze I made using Modern Masters Furniture and Cabinetry Glaze and Coffee Bean colorant.  You can order Modern Masters products from my friend who sells it HERE, or you can check your local Kelly Moore, they do stock this brand.  As much a I LOVE CeCe Caldwell’s paints, Ido use other paints for other projects from time to time.

After the glaze had dried (it has a large “open” time), which is great because it is easier to work with.  I finished with several coats of Poly that I sprayed on with my HVLP sprayer.  This provides a perfect finish, with no highs or lows (sheen and not sheen in spots).

We were so thrilled with the after. The entire kitchen looked so different!  And all we did was paint and a little glaze.   The bathrooms were completely transformed too, but they are very small, with no natural light, so they asked to be left out of the lime light 🙂

And, in case you forgot what it looked like before “le makeover”, here is a side by side collage:

I had so much fun on this project, and hanging out with my client that I would say it was as good as a “Hog Killing Time”.  (Cowboy speak for a lot of fun)

“Y’all come back tomorrow to check out my trash on “Trashy Tuesday”!

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  1. Shannon Fox

    Night, meet Day.
    It looks like brand new kitchen, with brand new cabinets. You did a fantastic job.

    Vive la différence 😉

  2. cassie

    WOW! what a difference paint makes- so light and pretty now!!

  3. JoAnn

    I woke up this morning thinking about painting cabinets in a house we just purchased. We have an extensive remodel and we can’t do the kitchen right away but I can certainly paint. Thanks for the great info! And you will be in my neck of the woods! I would have loved to come to the workshop but it is my daughters 7th birthday that day and we have bigger plans. Although it was tempting to revise those plans…lol! Enjoy Spokane!!

  4. Penny

    What a difference! I love it, so light and fresh! Hugs, Penny

  5. Shelly Andrade

    Karen, these turned out AWESOME!! Can come over and do mine? Have fun in Spokane! I’ll be herding up ten 10 year old’s for Kekai’s birthday party ~ wish I could be there!!

  6. Jessica @ Dear Emmeline

    They look awesome! It s always so amazing what a diference a little paint makes!

  7. Jayne

    Absolutely amazing difference, so light and airy now!

  8. Ann vonBehrens

    what a beautiful transformation! Love seeing your work as always. If you can I would love for share this at Restyled Sundays.

  9. Jill Flory

    Awesome Job Karen! So much better now! Maybe you should just come do mine for me! I’m not finding the time!

  10. Katherine Landreneau

    Spray, huh? His do you do that inside and not make a mess, “little lady”? Or do you take the doors off and use a brush on the “box”?
    Have fun on your trip!

  11. debbiedoos

    Now that is some makeover girl! FANTASTIC! THanks for sharing at my partay. Hope you too had a wonderful Labor day weekend.

  12. Rebecca

    Gorgeous! I just painted my kitchen island and am going to tackle my cabinets soon. Thanks for the tips!

  13. Kristi Green

    LOVE it!!! Looks amazing!

  14. Pat@Back Porch Musings

    Oh how I love this makeover. Wish I had the energy for doing things like this!


  15. Bliss


    Lick the Hershey CeCe’s for me.


  16. Michele

    Wow! I love the rustic feel to those cabinets. It’s amazing what a little paint can do to transform a space. LOVE IT!!

  17. Laurel Stephens

    What a great high end look! Simply gorgeous glazing.

  18. Paula

    I am loving this wonderful new kitchen. You did an amazing job. I would love it if you could share this wonderful post at our What’s it Wednesday linky party. I hope you can join us.


  19. Roeshel

    Wow! That makes all the difference, doesn’t it? Amazing transformation! (I love painted cabinets!) Great work as always!

  20. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    What a beautiful makeover! Not sure I’m brave enough to tackle kitchen cabinets!

  21. Becca

    What a great new look for your kitchen … it looks fabulous!

  22. Mandy

    Beautiful job! So glad you shared these at Project Queen! Thank you so much for welcoming me back :-).

  23. Pamela

    Wow what a difference a little paint makes. Thanx for linking up to THT Karen!

  24. Courtney

    Ohh it’s awesome!! Well done! Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  25. Linda

    That’s a fabbo redoux! Well done!

  26. Ann vonBehrens

    What an amazing transformation! You are definitely the queen of Redoux’s


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