Trashy Tuesday and the Trash I left behind

Le Junque

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday, where I talk trash, literally, but around here, I call it “Junque”!  Due to all the events of last week, I seriously had to curb my curbside shopping (which looking at my side yard again, probably is a good thing).  I quickly made it up for it today in just a few stops.  I even left some of it behind for another “junquer”!

Do I get 7 years of bad luck for picking this up?  It was already broken when I loaded it into the bus, I mean minivan.  This will make a very cool chalkboard.

I found some good scrapwood, I know, this is ho-hum trash……

I found some table legs that were made for a Giant’s table.  They are about 4 feet tall!  Cut down they will make legs for  a nice new table! 


And I even left this dresser behind.  It was laying on it’s back, I had to heave-ho it upright so I could make an informed decision.  I was feeling generous and decided to leave it for another junquer…..


Last week I came across the coolest headboard.  I am finding one like once a week now.  I think we have a theme going on here.  Why don’t people need their headboards anymore?????  Anyhow, my car was full of stuff already and I didn’t have room for it.  I was worried someone else may spy it and claim it for their own , so I thought I would “disguise it” .  Can you tell it is there?

I was able to go back for it today, nervous it was gone, nope, still there waiting for me.  But someone did me the favor of removing all the garbage around it.  Thanks!

No, the soda was not found in a dumpster….

Hope your Tuesday is full of Trash!





  1. Lisa

    I cannot believe you found that headboard in the trash!!!! Wowza!!!
    I can’t believe someone would throw that out!
    I think I’m looking in the wrong places, all I see when I look is trash 🙂

  2. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    I envision your home with a headboard or two (or three) in every room. You’ll convert them into tables, chairs, and everything in between!

  3. cassie

    ha ha! love that someone picked up the trash around the headboard…. and that frame! that FRAME!!! need i say more.

  4. Jill Flory

    🙂 I love that headboard! I’d have been nervous it was gone too! And that mirror frame is really cool – forget the bad luck thing – it’s just a made up thing anyhow!!!

  5. Shannon Fox

    WOO! That mirror frame is Awesome Sauce 🙂 You are a good junque magnet, I tell ya 😉

  6. Bliss

    You had a successful dive, the mirror is perfect for a chalkboard but I hope the giant doesn’t come looking for his legs.


  7. Laura @ Our Prairie Home

    Girl, you find the best stuff! No one – and I mean NO ONE throws stuff like that away here. You go, girl!

  8. Catherine

    Oh maaaan! I want that headboard!

  9. Catherine

    I had to go back one more time to look at that treasure of a headboard—
    I can’t believe you would take the chance of leaving it behind! I would have strapped onto it out the car window with an aching arm to ensure it was mine!

  10. Lisa

    Wow! I love mirror even if it is broken. Wish I could find the good stuff like you do!

  11. Katherine Landreneau

    Love your trash! Lol. Kl

  12. Debi Weber

    Nice finds! You be the junque bomb, girl!

  13. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    Gosh, you always find the best stuff!


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