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Happy Wednesday friends!  I am typing away, Tuesday night, and I STILL have not started cooking.  I had it all planned in my mind that at least one prep thing would be completed by this evening…..c’est la vie!

I have been trying to crank out the projects.  Our December Paris Flea Market sale is coming soon, the first full weekend of December to be exact.  Last year was insanely busy, and I have space about four times the size now!  Yikes!

I have wanted to do a chalkboard topped table for sometime now, just had to wait for the perfect piece.  I got this table, and little chairs, from my client, friend and photographer, Dana Moran.

This table started life in a bar/restaurant here in town that has been closed for a few years now.  I can’t remember how it came to Dana, but the friend who passed it on, cut it down so it could serve as a kids table for her two girls.

She is in the process of redecorating, so she passed it on to me.  When I first hit it with a sander, I realized there was A LOT of paint on it, and maybe a good stripper would be easier. I got this tip from Shelly at A Little Bit O’ ShizzleZinnser 100% natural Citrus strip.  I had to buy mine online at Amazon, and of course, it was back ordered for two months.  I just used it for the first time, and it is AMAZING!!!! It really did eat through all the layers of paint, and scraping it off was mostly a breeze. Another amazing thing I learned from Shelly is to cover it with wax paper.  This prevents it from drying too fast, and will work longer.  I live in a very mild climate, so stripper sometimes dries faster than it will work.

I primed the table well, then used Glidden Spray Black Chalkboard paint for the top.  I painted the base in CeCe Caldwell’s Traverse City Red.  I sealed it with CeCe’s 100% natural clear wax.  I love this stuff, it smells good, you can even rub it into your cuticles.  Mine definitely appreciate this.

The chairs came red, I just gave them a more thorough sanding, then sealed them with a spray polycrylic.

Hope it goes to a good home soon!


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  1. Catherine

    Looks really cute—some little ones are going to have some fun there!

  2. Jill Flory

    Great table for a chalkboard top! If my kids were still little I’d be wanting that for sure!

  3. Kathryn

    So flippin cute!! Love it.

  4. shelly andrade

    Another fabulously creative piece! Thanx for the shout out; I can’t believe nobody carries the Zinsser stripper by you, we have it everywhere around here. Did you check Walmart?


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