(Sorry for the Seinfeld reference, I just couldn’t help myself!)

I found these chairs at Urban Ore in Berkeley, back in March.  This is what Mark and I did for my birthday, roam around the SF Bay Area’s largest warehouse of junk.  You can read about all that HERE.

To be clear, the chairs were in very good condition, but were mispriced.  That is the awesome thing about Urban Ore.  They wheel and deal, and often give you the price that is on the item, regardless if it ridiculously low.  Here is a link to the awesome place: Urban Ore



Of course I was in a hurry and “thought” I had before pictures somewhere.  Memo to self, even if you “think” you have before pictures, snap some more, for insurance sakes.

I took the ugly plasticy seats off and recovered with Drop Cloth Fabric.  I used the Citrasolve transfer method, you can find that HERE.  I discovered something that makes this whole process much easier!  I used a heated iron on medium heat, no steam, and went over and over the transfer.  I have had the best results with this method, and the whole process goes so much quicker!  The Graphic is courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.

I turned my attention to La Chairs.  I really wanted a very rustic look.  I used CeCe Caldwell’s Vintage White, and added just a drop of Modern Masters Coffee Bean Colorant to it.  I added a teaspoon of water to about 1/4 cup.  I wanted the paint thinned out so I wouldn’t have complete coverage.  The chairs dried very quickly, then I sanded the heck out of them with a 320 grit paper.

This is the grit I used to “burnish” the paint, and attain that ultra smooth finish.  I purposely went uneven on the cane backing so it would look as if the paint had worn away over the years here too.  I sealed the entire pieces with CeCe Caldwell’s 100% natural Clear Wax and buffed the heck out of them.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the finished result.  The only regret is that it was pouring rain all weekend, and dark inside.  I could not for the life of me get pictures of both these grand dames together.  Oh well, at least I can spare one chair!

These lovely ladies will be for sale at Paris Flea Market this weekend!

Sitting around with these parties this week:

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  1. Darcie

    Gorgeous! The combination of the paint and fabric is magnifique.

  2. Sheila

    Love the chair! I’ve yet to “discover” a place like that with so much selection here in the Atlanta area, although I know they exist. But then, I remember the old saying that the search is two-thirds of the fun in hide and seek. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. debbiedoos

    I love the cane backing Karen…it is awesome. You always find the goods..and at this point you sure know how to wheel and deal. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hetty

    Love the chair! Many thanks for sharing the details!

  5. Fiona, Lilyfield Life

    they look great! i’ll have to check out that transfer method.
    What an awesome warehouse also! i’d love to spend some time there!
    Fiona xx

  6. Jayne

    That chair looks fantastique!!! Love the finish of the paint 🙂

  7. Kelly Duhon

    Love it! We have yet to try CeCe Caldwell’s paint. You make me want to! I promise to try soon. Our usual work is walls and cabinets but LOVE refinishing furniture! We have our usual routines but have added Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint and Faux Effect’s new Old World Finishing to the mix. I think we will give CeCe Caldwell’s line a go on our next furniture project.

  8. Nina

    Love it!

  9. Susan

    You lucky lady… Getting to go antiquing on your birthday 😉 seriously the chair is beautiful, great job! Found you at Elizabeth & Co.

  10. Judy

    I absolutely love the chair. The cane back is beautiful. Thanks for sharing at DIYByDesign.

  11. Beth H.

    How funny,,,,I just got the exact same chair a few weeks ago. 5 bucks! Did the same CeCe’s white but reupholstered in a purple velvet (it was going in a teen girls room). I loved how it turned out! Wish I could find
    some other ones. Nice to see how yours turned out a more vintage look! LOVE.

  12. Beja {Howdy-Honey}

    I’m in love with your chair, especially the legs!!! I’m so happy about your Seinfeld reference. I had thought about posting for Festivus. I would like to air some grievances ;D!

  13. Pamela

    Great chair Karen! Thanx for coming to THT!

  14. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    What a gorgeous chair Karen! I hope by the time you read this that it’s found a happy new home!

  15. Suffering Husband

    It’s real and it’s spectacular!

  16. Tanya

    Love the Chair! For the transfer method, did you use an iron, instead of rubbing the image with a spoon? or did you rub first then iron? Thanks! 🙂

    • GTC

      Hi Tanya, I think for this chair I used the rubbing method, but later I found that a medium warm iron works far better and way faster. You get a much crisper transfer and it goes fast.


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