My Work Here is Done, and I would like to thank…..

Good Time Charlie

  1. Karen says:

    congrats! always good when the family backs you up too!


  2. Ha ha, I can totally relate! A few years ago my son and I were building a house and I posted on my Facebook update “Move over girls, I have a new BFF” then posted a picture of my nail gun, ha ha, my friends weren’t so sure about being pushed aside for a tool, but hey, I was spending a lot of quality time with her, and trust me, my human friends don’t hammer nails 🙂
    I enjoyed the post, but then, I always do, keep up the good work, you entertain us very well!

  3. Suffering Husband says:

    The Mesa Grill furniture looked better in person!
    Good luck this weekend. Let’s hope the sale goes better than the Christmas
    tree lights!

  4. Kathy Nielsen says:

    Very cute post!. Please show us some of the things you took to the PFM or…show us the market in full swing. Kathy Nielsen

  5. Catherine says:

    Karen, you are such a HOOT!
    But I have to own up too—I think my saws and nail guns are some of MY best friends!
    I think I told you recently how my two older sewing machines seemed to have staged a revolt. So I ditched ’em for a Younger, Prettier, UpTown Model! ; D

  6. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    You are funny! But I totally get it!

  7. Nia says:

    Good job Karen!! Proud of you and in awe of your energy. When is school out for you guys?

  8. Karen, this post was so much fun to read…..actually they are all fun. I am so greatful having you in the shop and having you as a partner with this great paint Company. We just wouldn’t be the same without you. Don’t ever work too hard and burn out, K?
    Love you!!

  9. Now for a nice spa pedicure and massage!

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