Trashy Tuesday, Dumping in Alleys, Cul de Sacs and other unlikely places

Le Junque

  1. Shannon Fox says:

    And.. you’ll turn it into something fabulous and we will all have to hate you. The end. LOL

    Hope today is a little better then yesterday.
    Austin had a band concert last night. I cried sitting in the crowd when scary thoughts crept in.
    Then I cried while we sang Amazing Grace.

    I can’t being to comprehend what the families are feeling?

  2. Fran says:

    Karen, I have loved you from afar, haha. I just finally had to leave you a comment. I love looking to see what you find every week or when your dragging something out of your van that shouldn’t logically fit in there to begin with. I think you are great at what you do and I wish I could go picking with you someday, but that would be quiet hard to do, I’m clear across the country in Ga. Keep up the good work, as far as the headboard goes I would slice it right in half and make a 3 word sign out of each piece or paint it out and pit chalkboard paint in the sections. I know it will be great whatever you do.

    My prayers go out for the families and everyone that has been impacted by this tragedy. Its one of the worst things I’ve ever heard of.

  3. Jill Flory says:

    Looks like a good haul! Yay for grabbing the cart and double yay for going back for the screen doors!

  4. Catherine says:

    You know what—those screen doors are so cool they need to be left intact!
    You could do like me and use them in place of the usual bi-fold or bi-pass bedroom closet doors!
    I applied vintage lace curtains to the back side of mine! Absolutely charming—

  5. Claudia says:

    Can’t wait to see what you do with these gems!

  6. Bliss says:

    Just curious, how many old mattresses do you see on your excursions? Seems lately along the roads that’s all I see dumped.


  7. So true. Kindness alone would make a big difference in this world.

    I see the perfect bar cart with that old one. Your trashy talents are one of a kind so I’m sure it will be spectacular whatever the results! 😉

  8. Lori says:

    I to have a weak spot for carts. Looks like a gem to me.

  9. Hetty says:

    Karen, I did find some great junque this week! By coincidence I saw someone move out and I saw a pile of blankets/clothing but underneath it all I found a Wedgwood (yes..Wedgwood) pitcher and bowl and a rocking chair with a broken seat (easy to fix I guess). I felt proud I saved something from the garbage truck!

  10. Cut the Headboard in half and make a couple lost sock, laundry type signs or mudroom signs out of them. Put chicken wire behind the door for a giant bling thing, The cart needs some of you TLC and then a coat of TCC with one of your adorable little skirts… The other half of a door… I don’t know, some kind of welcome center sign thing-a-ma-giggy. That’s it, my brain’s about to explode now.

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