Makeover Monday, Don’t be so bookish

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Makeover Monday Don’t Be So Bookish

Happy Monday friends!  Hope you are well.  I think my brain is on the road to recovery and the fog is lifting.  However, my back did not get on board with the new program and it is protesting mightily today.  I finished up Les tonnes de projets this weekend, my favorite, this bookshelf.

Bookshelf after 1

My back decided to take over where my brain had left off and is not working at top performance.  Ouch!

hurt back

This bookshelf started out just lovely in red, it was a put together bookshelf.  I filled in the screw thingies with spackling, then sanded it smooth.

Bookshelf before

Next, I went right in with my current favorite CeCe Caldwell’s color: Destin Gulf Green.  I love the play of this blue/green color off the red.Bookshelf after 2

It couldn’t have been easier.  One coat was all it took.  Once it was dry I sanded the entire piece smooth with a 320 grit sandpaper.  Next I  brought out my damp rag.  This paint is so easy to distress with a wet rag.  No acrylic, just chalk and two kinds of clay mean it is the most forgiving paint to work with.

Bookshelf after 3

When it was sufficiently distressed, I let my damp areas dry.  I applied CeCe Caldwell’s clear wax, waited about an hour and buffed it until it shone.  Once the paint and wax dry on a piece like this, the paint is stuck like cement.  I don’t have to worry about chips or scratches because it is solid.

Bookshelf after 2

My little friend is heading to market.  It pairs nicely with a little child’s table and chairs Emma did in the same color.Bookshelf after 4



  1. cassie

    great color combination! it looks perfect and farmish!

  2. Lauren

    Love the colors!

  3. Jessica @ Dear Emmeline

    oooh! very pretty color choice! love the red popping trhough the teal. gorgeous!

  4. sumaya warwick

    I love it. Love the color with the red peeking through. Great redoux!


  5. Cheri Dyer

    I’ve been following your blog for a long time and have never told you, but you are such an inspiration. Your candor and honest real-life happen stances are so refreshing. Your creativity sparks interest in me and I can’t thank you enough for your tips and truths. THANK YOU from Texas

  6. Cheryl

    Ditto everything that Cheri said! Love your style, your sense of humor, and your “realness”! Thanks from this Texan, too!

  7. hetty

    Love the color combination Karen, very sweet!

  8. Jan

    Don’t ya love it when the piece you want to redoux is already a great base color? And Destin Gulf Green… how great is that paint name?
    Great job, as usual. Take care of your back!

  9. Deborah

    Lovely little bookshelf! The colors are awesome. Sorry your back is hurting. I hate it when that happens! Get better quick!

    Have a great week!

  10. Tami @ Curb Alert!

    Oh goodness. I think you just solved my painting dilemma on an upcoming piece. Thanks in advance! The shelf is a beauty!

  11. Bliss

    Hope your back gets back to it’s good ‘ol self soon.


  12. Jesse

    i love the color combo! Great work

  13. Jill Flory

    I love those colors together too. Great job – and I really must try that paint and wax!

  14. Liz @ Quirky Vistas

    You and I are in the back ache business together. Sorry to hear you are suffering through! Looks like you are overcoming. The little shelf is adorable with the red showing through. Now, take a break, put your feet up and rest. We can’t have you being undone by a bad back. Take care!

  15. Kathryn Griffin @TheDedicatedHouse

    Karen, I love this. Great colors!! Hope your back starts to feel better. Thank you for sharing this at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  16. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    I love this color with the red showing through! Very pretty!

  17. Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

    Thank you so much for linking up at our first party! I love, love, love your painted book case and am featuring it! You rock!!!

  18. Jeanette

    Found this little beauty at Throwback Thursday and I have to say that I LOVE the colors!!! So pretty! Pinning this one.

    • GTC

      Thank you so much for coming by Jeanette and for Pinning!


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