Trashy Tuesday, The Gap Band, my junque and moi.

Le Junque

Happy Trashy Tuesday!!!  What do you think THE GAP band and I have in common?  And if you are too young to remember, the GAP band is not a band that sings songs for THE GAP clothing store.

The Gap Band had a big hit in 1982.  “I gotta get up early in the morning”….. Think Disco and songs that you can dance really well to. With the formula of four on the floor, catchy tunes.  This was a good one.  The Gap Band had to get up early in the morning to find another lover.  I have to get up early in the morning to find another dumpster.  Cause guess what?  THIS is my competition!!!!!!!!!!

I have seen Mr. Competition around town.  I have seen him coming in after me when I am Apartment Dumpster diving.  I haven’t seen him in a while, but last week when I went to Target (which of course involved a quick drive around the back of the shopping center), I saw him!  I am positive he was getting something good that if I had just arrived first, would have been mine.

You have to be the first one out there to score the good Junque! This morning I was out and searching around 6:15.  And OH did it pay off.   Here is what I found in just one hour. I KID YOU NOT, one HOUR!

Do you think there is a version for grown ups?  Like with a comfy soft pad and a pillow?  I would love to put myself in timeout and have my own special bench to go to.

Another bookshelf!  This one was interesting, there is a cabinet shop in town.  I am not “technically” supposed to be driving all around the back, but they make so much garbage, I thought I would help them out.  They have PILES of stuff by their big dumpsters that is waiting to be thrown out.  This was in the trash pile.  I know there is a handle type of thing on it, but that can be easily modified. 

A golf bag???? Yep.  Perfect condition.  Brought this one home for Mr. Red.

He has been using my friend Annette’s hand me down golf bag…

Apparently he doesn’t care that it is pink.  I thought a more masculine looking golf bag might give him more street cred on the golf course.  He has a lot of confidence for an 11 year old.

Scrap wood, I know…ho hum.  But hey, I will use it and FREE IS FREE!

More scrap wood…..Perfect to have on hand for Chalkboards, etc.

I am surprised someone would let these pieces of art out of their hands!  Doesn’t everyone want to hold on to their 1985 caricature pictures?  Apparently Kristy and Nancy were over theirs.

This is not a bad looking frame, not a bad looking frame at all.

This is a large container of shelf supports.  I am not quite sure why I took them.  I am planning on putting in shelving in my garage, (afterifinishmyofficesomeday)

And finally!

No, I am not expecting, at least not expecting anything that will arrive in 9 months.  I was actually admiring the set of wheels on it!  I might take the top off and replace with some smaller containers.  Perfect paint caddie to wheel around my garage as I work!

Now I gotta get up early every morning
‘Cause the early bird always catches the worm
Now I gotta get up every morning
Gotta make up for the lesson I’ve learned
Gotta find me a Dumpster that isn’t over run with Others.
Gotta find me a Dumspter that won’t run the…..See Gap Band for original lyrics.

Hope your week is full of  groovy junque.


  1. Jayne

    What a great haul! I’m amazed at what people throw out, no wonder we have overflowing landfills!

  2. Denise

    LOVE all the Gap bands songs, true soul music at its best!! Dive on!!

  3. cassie

    that is one fine looking frame…. nope, not bad at all!

  4. Bliss

    Wowza. The early bird DOES beat the competition. And I realized, we have two cabinet manufacturers close to us, I should be hitting their dumpsters!


  5. Catherine

    N-e-v-e-r pas up wood. Even if it’s still in some ugly furniture form that can be taken apart!
    And never pass up on old kitchen cabinet doors–they’re usually thicker, solid wood that is expensive to buy!
    **Thought you were going to quite DD’ing for a while–?? Times up already–?! ; D

  6. Carla Stanley

    The frame is great! I have a thing for big old gilded and decorated frames. If you ever find really ornate frames with pieces chipped off, they can easily be repaired with spackling compound and cake decorating tips and bags. Once you are done repairing it, wait a week or so to paint and you won’t even notice the repair.

  7. Kris

    Wow you scored some great treasures!!! I love the frames and ohhhhhh that baby cart made into something will be great. I love the look of the legs and wheels on that little treasure. I can’t wait to see what you do with that piece. Glad you found your hubby a new golf bag. I think he will look and probably play better with the more masculine one!!!!!

  8. Desiree

    That first pic of the load down truck cracked me up!!!!!!

  9. Desiree

    … LOADED down! 😀

  10. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    Of course I rocked out on my boom box to the Gap Band. But I hate getting up early – and that guy is sort of creepy!

    It’s a dumpster dive throw down – and I think you’re going to win!

  11. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    Just tell Mr. Competition to step away from the dumpster, it’s already claimed! … You clearly love the thrill of the hunt Karen! And so glad your hubby got a new golf bag!

  12. Liz @ Quirky Vistas

    Holy Junkfest, Batman! I’m so wishing I was riding shotgun with you. Two is better than one, you know, and maybe we could have intimidated Mr. Competition. I love all the great spots you have to stake out. Pretty soon it sounds like you’ll have to claim a spot in line like people do for black Friday.
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas


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