A Video Tour of My Junquey Home!

Good Time Charlie, Le Junque

Don’t you love Home Tours?  I love to see how beautifully styled, decorated and put together other blogger’s homes are.  I have shared little “snippets” of my home, but I thought it would be fun to give you all the “insider’s” peek at how we really live.



Since we are in the middle of a major DIY project here, I thought I would share this video my daughter and I made last year.  (click on “My Home Tour”).

Since the time this video was actually made, I am happy to report I have REAL junque couch.  If you missed that post, you can read all about it HERE. 

Also, my side yard has greatly improved.  “Greatly” is a strong adjective.  Let’s say moderately.

Come back tomorrow to see the real stars of this show with the features at my weekly Link Party!

If you are curious about the Stairs DIY, follow me on Facebook!  I am posting updates.



  1. Sumaya Warwick

    That was an amazing experience Karen. Like I was right there with you…I could even hear the wind in my ears…You have an impressive junque collection there:)

  2. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    Wow, that is quite the collection of junque! I know you’ll be working your magic on all of it! So fun to watch Karen!

  3. Kris

    You are so adorable and I loved your video. You have some great treasures!!!! I made a beautiful headboard out of my old vintage doors. Just a thought!!! I love the old doors.

  4. Jayne

    You’re a natural!!!!! And I feel way better about my numerous piles, stacks and layers, thank you!

  5. Lori@Thee Velvet Glove

    Kaaareennnn, Love it! I saw a lot of treasures in there. My neighbor just had one of those towers installed maybe you could talk to him. I’m sharing this on my page 🙂

  6. Kim

    It is always so nice to see someone else’s treasures/projects. 1. I love your collection. Makes my fingers itch! 2. I no longer feel so alone with having a similar collection. However, I am lacking the “tower”, so far (it’s probably only a matter of time.

  7. Jesse

    Loved the video tour!!!

  8. Hetty

    Thanks for that great Home Tour! Love all your junque, I would feel right at home! yep, that high pole will get you noticed, Karen. Can you hang a flag in there or will it disturb the “connection”?

  9. Bliss

    Oh what’s a little junque among friends right? So do the menfolk sit out under the stars trying to contact Mars on the radio?

  10. debbiedoos

    You are the queen of scores indeed! Thanks for your sweet comment Karen about my doo.

  11. debi beard

    you have some of the best junk ever! and your video was awesome! I subscribed to your Youtube channel and will be excitedly waiting for the next video!

  12. Carla Stanley

    One of the things I appreciate about you, your blog and what you share with the world is how you keep it real. Many DIY and home decorating blogger’s lives seem perfect all the time thanks to internet editing. No one can live up to those standards! Keep showing us all what real life looks like.

  13. Patricia Krank

    Karen – I love you!!! You make me smile every time I open up a new post and recognize myself in your daily antics. My home always looks pretty good on my blog but that’s because I move my projects from one part of the room to another to do photo shoots! I’d love to come to your house, sit down on one of your stacks of wood and have a nice long visit over some iced cold (or even luke warm) lemonade.

    Love your authenticity and great sense of humor.


  14. Jessica @ Dear Emmeline

    haha. you crack me up! p.s. I feel like my house looks about the same so you’re in good company. 😉 I told my husband the other day that this time we are finishing all the pieces that are taking over our house before we bring any more in. To which he responded “I’m not going to stop looking on Craigslist though, and if they’re free…). Looks like we’ll never get it all out!

  15. Gwen

    I’d be laughin’ if I didn’t have a garage covered in half-done projects and a pile of scrap wood! Oh, the insanity!!!

    I have put myself on a Junque diet and am going to finish what I’ve got before I pick up anything else… it’s a good thing I don’t do it for the public or we’d have nowhere to even sit down, yo!

  16. Rachel

    Wow great video! You have a great since of humor!!

  17. Suffering Husband

    Cool antennae. It really stands out!

  18. Shelly Andrade

    Ka’iulani just LOVES you! She asked, “Is this the girl that always makes you laugh when you’re on the computer?” yes ~ then, after we watched the video she asked “Has Karen been doing this longer than you?” yes “Oh, then I guess I know what our house will look like in a few more years” LOL!!! Thanks for entertaining us tonight!!

  19. Saja

    The video was unavailable! So sad.


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