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Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!  We talk trash here, but only the best kind of trash, as in “junque”!

When you think Dumpsters, what is the first adjective that comes to mind?  Stinky?  The Dumpsters sure weren’t stinky this week, at least my favorite wasn’t.  Last morning I peaked in on my rounds and I found an entire wedding party leftover supply of flowers!  Most of them were still in really good condition.

What, you think flowers out of the trash is weird?  I had enough to fill up my entire mini van trunk!

When I got home, I pulled them all from the Green foam stuff, and sorted through them.  I had enough for several containers throughout my home!

I love the way the little vase of them looked on my windowsill with drying lavender flowers.  (of course, when I took the picture, I failed to notice the empty take out salsa container behind my faucet.  Just keeping it real people.

Speaking of flowers, I just wanted to show you something I am so proud of from my garden.  This is what you are rewarded with, when you COMPLETELY neglect and do nothing to or for your Hydrangeas from September to May.

Huge Blooms!  The tall thin Wood Pallets we had stacked against the wall, then forgot about didn’t stop the Hydrangeas from growing through and blooming either.

If you want to see more of my trashy back yard, you can read all about it HERE.

In other news, I recently acquired a new hair dryer!  I decided I couldn’t sit still every morning for this, so I purchased mine at Target.

I also decided to relax and catch up on TV.  But not this one.  I did take it home however.  I unscrewed the TV from the cabinet, which I will use for some kind of uber cool bar cart.  I also thought this TV was a nice tribute to Jean Stapleton from “All in the Family” who passed away this week.  I could just picture Edith and Archie enjoying television on a set like this….Those were the days!  (If you are under the age of 30, you probably aren’t laughing right now)

That’s enough trash talk for one day.  I hope you all learned the moral of this story.  Just because it is trash, doesn’t mean it is garbage.









  1. Susan

    Score on the flowers! The TV cabinet is cool! I like it when they convert them to pet beds, I just think its a great use for those old cabinets!

  2. Bliss

    Great find on that tv cabinet. Bar cart, aquarium, shelf, whatever right?


  3. Cynthia

    I think that TV was a great find and you can make it into a really cool bard cart. The flowers really still look beautiful. I would never think about that.


  4. Jill Floryj

    Amen! Some trash is actually treasure not garbage!

  5. hetty

    Those flowers are beautiful Karen! Wow, that tv is really cool, and yes, I remember…please let us know what you made of it!

  6. Jayne

    Who would throw out such pretty flowers!? Great fine!

  7. Kris

    Wow you really got a great dumpster dive with the flowers!!! So sweet and pretty. Wow I am surprized now one from the wedding took home all those pretty center pieces. Their loss your gain. I bet your house smells great. I know you will come up with something absolutely stunning for the TV cabinet. You always do. You are after all the furniture whisper and will do miracles with that cutie. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  8. Sandra Fiffy

    A few years back, I stood inside a Disney World resort hotel and watched in total horror as a Disney employee began to remove annuals that filled a huge planter. He then proceeded to throw them in the trash and replace them with new plants (the same kind)! If I could have put them in my luggage to bring home I would have.

  9. Catherine

    I would have totally taken those flowers too!
    In fact—the wedding we were at a couple of weeks ago, all the guests were riffling through the table arrangements to leave with their own bouquets! : )

  10. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    Hey, I’ll take flowers any way I can get them. And many times, I edit my pics only to find random caps, toys, particles of food so salsa lid is nothing!

    My sister and I bought our parents a tv very much like that one when we were in high school – they still use it! Those were not the days – at least with tv technology!

  11. Terri

    Love the pretty flowers and finds. This is really wierd: PLEASE don’t mess with old tvs till you research this: My ex boyfriend and someone else told me this when I was doing the same thing with an old tv, ( he’s an electrician) . There is a part inside these old sets that has a VERY STRONG electrical charge of some kind, even when they are disconnected from electricity. It could kill or seriously injure you. PLEASE look this up and be safe, Terri


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