Trashy Tuesday, Step Right Up

Le Junque

  1. I LLL-ove that lamp!! and the rest of it. Great finds. Have a great day! 🙂 -Lorique

  2. Jayne says:

    OMG, I’m afraid to find out your new spot, lol! Great new finds 🙂

  3. Ashley ez says:

    All I can think is jail, old folks home or a funeral home???

  4. Cynthia says:

    Great new finds and I with the others, not sure if I want to know the spot!


  5. Jill Floryj says:

    We had 2 stools just like that when I was a kid! They came with vinyl pads on the seat and foot rest but looked just like that when the pads wore out and came off! I don’t think either stool is still around but you can bet if they were I’d be giving them some TLC and making them cool!

  6. Lisa S, says:

    I would lose my mind if I found that lamp……I LOVE revamping lamp shades from the frame up and that base…….it’s all drool worthy!!

  7. Ha ha ha! I understand, I’d cross about any line to get good, free furniture! BTW, I just noticed you’re on the attendees list for Haven! Yay!

  8. karin says:

    you make me mind is whirling where you got that headboard..LOL!! I can only imagine!
    Have fun with all your junque and your STAIRS!

  9. Don’t tell me you’re stalking the graveyards now! I didn’t know they had dumpsters there!

  10. Shut UP! You did NOT get that lamp for free! It is SOOOOO cool!! I’d love it in my house!! Shade and all? It’s AWESOME!!! And that stool looks oddly familiar…

  11. That step ladder is calling my name! Great junque, Karen!
    xo Heidi

  12. Gillian says:

    Did you pick up the headboard from a nursing home/hospice kind of place?
    Love the lamp and the mirror behind it.

    Saw a great piece on FB which showed a piece of mirror on an outside stair tread. Totally waiting for an accident….not just because it would be slippery but because it reflected the sky and it looked like you were stepping out into space…..

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