Trashy Tuesday, Dresser to Drawers, it’s all Good Stuff

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Happy Trashy Tuesday. I am up in Lake Tahoe with the family.  Even though my sister was here last week and we were playing tourist all over the SF Bay Area, I managed to get quite a bit of good junk in!

Want to know a secret? Almost every Saturday afternoon I cruise my neighborhood for garage sale leftovers.  Many times people don’t know what to do with the things that didn’t sell, so they put them out with a “free sign”.  Saturday was especially good!Junk Collage

My garage runneth over with Dumpster/Curbside goodness:

My fave by far were all these cool frames.  Really, someone didn’t want them?  I do!Frames

Some more frames, (Dumpster Dive goodies)Dumpster Frames

I am digging this basket purse, and I didn’t have to dig at all.  This was a leftover from a garage sale.Basket purse

Another dresser without a drawer!  They just find me, I can’t help myself.Dresser missing drawer

Drum roll please……a drum table (leftover garage sale). Drum Table

Drawer fronts, these make excellent coat racks, and are in perfect condition.Drawer and front

Hope you have a totally Trashy Week.  I am taking the week off from looking for Junque.  Unless there is something I HAVE to have that I find in Tahoe.  This is what happened last summer:Truckee Dumpster 2

I never did get that door open.  I am positive there was something good in there….



  1. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    Look out Tahoe! I bet you find good junque everywhere you go! Maybe you have special junque radar! … Have fun!

  2. cassie

    those frames are awesome!!!!!

  3. Elaine

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the frames. I have so so many. Some are on the stairway wall just like they are, they are so detailed.

  4. Sharon

    Have you ever had a critter jump out at you while dumpster diving?

  5. Linda T

    Love the frames!
    Have fun in Tahoe. I be shocked if you don’t find junque there!!

  6. Katie

    Tahoe is one of my favorite places in California! Hope you have a great week!

  7. Hetty

    love the frames also! Have a lot of fun in Tahoe!


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