Trashy Tuesday, Take your Daughter to Work Day!

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Happy Trashy Tuesday!

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Did you know I made my own “take your daughter to work day” today?  My twins accompany me from time to time Dumpster Diving, or curb side shopping as the case may be, but the teenager is almost always otherwise engaged.  Not today!  On our way back from errands I made a detour into a not-so-desirable-section-of-town.  It’s good to have adventures with your kids!   They get so excited!

We had some time to relax and enjoy our shopping trip, and being that we are approaching the end of the month, the pickings were quite good.  We took our time going block by block. Cruising, in the big blue minivan. Two blondes from the burbs.  We fit right in.

Our canvassing paid off.  We spied a lot of things that were best left where they were, but we did find this awesome dresser. I paid the man of the house (this was in his yard) a bit for helping me get it in the car.  He wanted to trade for cigarettes, but I was fresh out so we did a cash transaction instead.  The dresser didn’t smell like cigarette smoke either.  Which is a bonus…..

At the end of a shady street (I mean tree-lined, what were you thinking?)  we found this cabinet.  Again, the kind man of the house, or man nearby, not sure, but he agreed it was free…..helped me get this into the car, and offered to give me the bottle of window cleaner that was inside of it too.  I kindly explained I was all stocked up at the moment.

We found an extremely dilapidated bathroom vanity.  I wanted the doors from it, but my screwdriver somehow made it out of my car and wasn’t returned.  The neighborhood was beyond questionable anyhow.  I decided to not waste time and used my skills of whacking the door off each side and dealing with the hinges later.  I left the charming sink for the next junker.  I am a thoughtful junker.

I thought about picking up some new couches and mattresses, just to freshen things up around here.  This was out near my neighborhood on Saturday.  Guess they wouldn’t fit in the moving truck and it got left behind.  I am sure someone with a big rig came by that day and got that off the street.  Things that big don’t last long!
Bed and Couch

The week wouldn’t have been complete without a thorough inspection of the Apartment Dumpsters in my area.  Not much there this week!  I did see all the pieces for this day bed, but I wasn’t sure what I would do with it.  It was in one of those “Gated” Apartments where I have to play the game of waiting for someone to come out so I can drive in real fast and pretend I live there.  Not that I condone doing this, but if you want to try it, you can read all about it in my Dumpster Diving series, button on the right side bar at the bottom.  BIG GREEN DUMPSTER, you can’t miss it.

That wraps up my junque.  Hope you have a totally trashy week.  Try taking your kids with you next time you go dumspter diving!  It’s never to early to start teaching your children your trashy ways.



  1. Scottiev

    That day bed would make an incredible planter in a (very) large yard!

  2. Patricia Krank

    Your daughter must be so proud to tell her friends that she went to work with her mom . . . digging through other people’s trash! So much more exciting than following mom around a boring old dental office like I used to do when my kids were young. So happy I found this new career in junqueing. I don’t know what to do about my daughters though, who both ended up in the dental profession. Girls – ESCAPE WHILE YOU CAN! LOL! Blessings to you, Patti@OldThingsNew

  3. Renae

    Every other year our city does a clean-up day where you can put whatever curbside and they will come pick it up for free. You can imagine the junque-ers out scrounging the night before. We’ve done it and once my kids went with me they were hooked too. Looking forward to this fall for more junque-ing opps….with the kids.

  4. Blondie

    You are so clever….. I’ve been paying attention in the neighborhood; but I rarely see anything curbside. I think my town has an ordinance against putting stuff on the curb.

  5. shelly andrade

    The daybed? You did not leave the daybed. Did you? Go baaaaaack!! I have ideas for you. Hey, howz your garden growing?

  6. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    Who needs malls and salons – this is real mom/daughter bonding time. Wish I could barter more things for a good old fashioned carton of cigarettes.


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