Going to the chapel, and we’re gonna get married, then going to the dumpster, and we’re gonna git rid of all the decorations!

This is where I come in!  I just hope it was a recent wedding and they aren’t nostalgic, and not a marriage gone to the dumps, along with all the reminders.

I have NO room for any furniture at present, so I have been so happy that my Dumpster Angels have only been putting out small stuff for me lately.  Last week I found big frames.  This week, I found this pile of wedding stuff and more!

I thought I could paint over this with chalkboard paint and a new ribbon.  Too cute!  Sorry bride.

I found a bag of glass marbles plus a string of crystals. Treasure at its finest! 

I found tons of frames.

And some interesting  quotables…..

I already have a pile of books in my reading list, but since these were in a dumpster and next to a dumpster, I won’t feel too much guilt if I decide to transform them into a few other book page craft things.

And just so all the junque stays fresh smelling, I found this candle, still in the box!

Happy Junquing!  And remember, “Un homme indésirable est un autre homme’s treasure”!!!


  1. cassie

    ha ha! i wonder if that marriage will last if they just trashed it all!

  2. Susan @ SunfowerHugs.blogspot.com

    I am always in awe with what you are able to find. It really is incredible people just throw out all this stuff they must have paid a fortune for. And on the other end of the spectrum, craigslist people are constantly asking way too much for their items.
    Alas, that is why I love garage sales because I can get stuff almost as cheap as free since it is so much work to have a garage sale the last thing someone wants to do is put anything back in their house.

  3. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

    Crazy! You’d think they’d keep the sign. The frames are great, too. Someone is going to be sorry they didn’t hold onto this stuff. Great finds, Karen! I did a little garbage picking myself this morning – a really big and heavy frame, very ornate. It must have had a mirror in it at one time.

  4. Cynthia

    I can’t believe they got rid of that sign either. At least you would think they would keep that for some time, weird. That is some collection of frames too. Good for you.


  5. Jill Flory

    Those crystals are great! You find the best stuff!

  6. Jayne

    I still cannot believe what people throw out, it’s crazy!

  7. hetty

    Amazing finds! I don’t get it – on every corner we have containers for cloths/books and stuff. People still throw it in the trash.

  8. Katsy

    Ok, that quote is just weird! And don’t people know they can donate books to their local library for a tax write-off! LOL. Happy book-crafting!

  9. Nina

    I think I need to come your way one night and dumpster dive. What great finds.

  10. Paula

    Who are these crazy people that throw away such great things. FRAMES? REALLY? CRYSTALS? REALLY? Someone should find them and get them some help. But lucky for you, oh the thrill of treasure hunting. By the way, I have twins too. We call our daughter our Blue Light Special. Remember when you walked into Kmart and they had a great sale on something you didn’t know you needed? Dumpster diving and curbside are like that too.


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