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Le Junque

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!  I love to talk all kinds of trash here, so pull up your junkiest seat, grab a junkie snack and settle in.

Just a shout out that is not Trashy!  My friend Angela from A-Z Custom Creations has been restoring and refurbishing furniture for over 10 years, she launched her blog earlier this year.  Her work is phenomenal.  She is featuring a Tip-Talking Tuesday feature, and she is featuring my Faux Wood Treatment there.  Head over to check it out after you have your fill of Junque here!

We have lived in our home for almost 10 years. We have finally decided to make the decision to purchase grown up Living Room furniture.  I know, BIG step.  After I recovered from the sticker shock and reminder of how much quality upholstered furniture costs, I did the next sensible thing.  Hit the streets to find a used one!

I found a few, but only two came close to making the cut.

I didn’t care for the roundness of this, plus it was a tidge too long.

I really love this one.  It has been in my Target shopping center for several weeks now.  I drive by it often, wondering if I can somehow make it work.  Probably not, it is way too long, too short on the back, and nothing in my home is mid-century über cool.  I do hope it goes to a good home before the rain and serious Fall weather sets in.

Sidebar:  did you know The Kinks were not just famous for the ubiquitous “Lola” song?  They also wrote a lovely diddie about sitting on your sofa.  Hopefully I will be sitting on mine soon too.

Mr. Red and I also found a new friend! We named him Manny. Very original. Apparently Manny refrains from junk food…………

A large Sporting Goods store next to my Home Depot is moving and they have a very large dumpster in the back.  What would any normal person do, but climb up in flip flops to see what was in there!  A mannequin top half!  I knew this belonged in our home, so I waited until Mark (suffering husband) was out of town and recruited my kids to help.  I brought along a step-ladder, easy climb in, not so much out.  The step ladder comes in very handy when hauling large bulky objects out of the dumpsters.  We plan to give him a gorgeous paint finish, we just haven’t decided what color and treatment yet.

In the mean time, Manny enjoyed hanging around with my glue gun and crafting with us.

I also found a perfectly good (if not small) boogie board.  Perfect for a young friend next time we head to the beach.

Moving on to the real hot spot of junque.  My garage!  I have been cleaning it and organizing it in stages forevah!  I think I unlocked the key to the universe of my messy garage and found a system that will work.  Remember my promise to myself, nothing more coming in?  I am sticking to it!  I still plan to sell off, donate, or get rid of anything that is not painted by December 31st.

Thanks to my friend and coworker, Emma, who helped me set this up in the first place.  It is back to decent condition again!  You can read about the first major makeover and the amazing transformation from complete Sanford and Sons to Serene HERE.

I took that giant old table someone gave me and made a moveable work table from it!  I will share some how-to’s tomorrow. We didn’t waste anytime putting it to work.  Here is Mr. Red transforming one of my fabulous Dumpster found Artwork which will now proudly be displayed in his room.

I am most excited that I can get my car in the garage AND shut the garage door!  Now that it is not over 100 degrees, this seems a sensible time to finally accomplish this. I like to do things the hard way, like sweat buckets while I wait for my car to cool off.  Now I can save myself from some rain at least.

The side yard looks like it has made zero progress.  Despite my efforts to alleviate some of it at the local dump, I mean Waste Management and Recycling Depot.  Trust me, there is less stuff back there, and I have even managed to salvage some of it. I do plan to salvage as much as I can.  Most of the truly junky junque is gone (I think)

The side yard gets the same hard core December 31st treatment as the garage.  What will I do with all that vacant space??? Won’t you miss the pictures and sharing them with your significant other to prove you are not as much of a junk hoarder as moi?

Who knows, maybe I will elevate myself  to a whole new level of Dumpster Diving refinement once I find my way through all the Dumpster Items I have accumulated.

In the meantime, keep on being Trashy!


  1. Larissa ~ Prodigal Pieces

    I’m envious, Karen! I wish we could fit our vehicle in too…maybe before the snow flies. hmmm. Keep up the good work!

  2. Bliss

    Manny’s got some nice abs.

  3. Kathy Nielsen

    Geez Karen, I thought only my garage looked like yours. I can barely fit my jeep into mine and at that I have to maneuver to the right slightly or I can’t get my door open.

  4. PS MacMurray

    Always good to hear you talk trash! An idea: A project with neighbors. They come to your place and pick one of the items you want out by December 31 and take it home. They have a month to transform it and gift it, or keep it. You document their progress. A contest of sorts, perhaps. I am certain you have tons of ideas of your own!

  5. Susan G

    Wow you fit your Van in, awesome! I am having Emma over next week to transform mine. Do you want before and after pic’s? LOL

  6. Jayne

    I just love that mid-century sofa, it’s a stunner! Great job on the garage, I wish I could fit my car in mine 😉

  7. Carol Lindberg

    Well, once again, I love your blog. But….. don’t worry, I don’t have any place nor reason to bring home anything……. except groceries and the newspaper! We have fully retired since closing Carol’s Cottage Place, moved from our 2 story 3 bedroom full basement home into a Senior Residence Apt. of 550 Sq. ft.
    Ha. Ha. Of course we left a housefull of ‘stuff’ that wouldn’t fit and decided we really didn’t need it for survival either, hired a liquidator and she is presently getting it ready for a huge 4 day sale the last of October. Then we will touch up some painted walls and have the carpet cleaned, and maybe rake the leaves (in Kansas, they start falling early and continue, continue continue) too. So today, I am catching up on reading my email as we didn’t have internet for 5 days! We have a perfectly CLEAN 550 sq. ft and all the furnishings have been polished with Pledge or washed clean with 409. The clothes in the one shared closet (my husband and me) are entirely too many and tight on the rods until we can’t really get a change of clothes decided on or pulled out! So I’m sure some of that will go back to the old house and be sold in the Sale, also. Pictrues are all up on the wall. Towels are rolled and in place in the bathroom in a nice new storage cabinet that fits perfectly and chicken and broth (from our freezer at the house) is thawing in the kitchen. The things we had in the large chest freezer in the basement were also removed and divided among many neighbors etc. My husband always insisted to keep a small stash of cash ‘in case of an emergency’, and he packed that to move, and we haven’t found it yet, so we don’t need to shop for anything that we don’t need anyway! We are both well, happy, listening to countless Gospel CD’s playing and relaxing! Watching the other old folks toddling on the sidewalk outside and then planning what function we might attend on the calendar in the ‘meeting room’ later. But, you know I can help but read the blogs that I learned so much from in years gone by. Do keep them coming, as you know you have one very faithful reader!!!!! Carol

  8. shelly andrade

    oh gosh… after reading this I realize I shouldn’t have showed you the picture of the back of my truck today. I just feel so liberated after clearing out the garage. Today’s shopping binge was more about distracting my mind from the pain of 3 ribs being out (better than eating cookies)

  9. Denise Wixson

    I am a newbie with you and I love your site. I have been doing this for years… but who needs a therapist. When I get down I get out of the house and hunt. It is great isn’t it. I do want to give you a heads-up. I clicked on the site you have that is written in red, A-Z Custom Creations, to look around. When the page opened it was a site I have never been, and written in a language I have never seen. It’s set off My virus protection with all the bells and whistles. Thats why I pay the big bucks for mine. Just a FYI and let them know too, please. Off to see you on YouTube.
    Good Hunting…


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