Trashy Tuesday, Dressers to Dumpsters

Le Junque

  1. cassie says:

    oh that dresser! can’t wait to see what you do!

  2. hetty says:

    Love the dresser! Yes, that frame is very interesting too..a mirror in place of the palm tree?

  3. Ohhh, what a cute dresser! Can’t wait to see the after!!

  4. Patty Soriano says:

    i found that same child’s stool while curb shopping. it still has the paper label on it that says something like ‘up i’m a chair, down i’m a stool.’ So, the moveable piece is either the back of the chair, or when you have the piece down, it’s the first step of a two step stool for little people. 🙂 Very cute !

  5. Susan says:

    Holy cow I am totally jealous!

  6. Awesome finds as always. The lamp is gorgeous and the dresser and frame were awesome freebies!!

  7. Nothing like a cootie free chair and a dumpster dive on the way to get a burrito dinner! That dresser looks like the one I grew up with!

  8. Jill Flory says:

    Love your junque posts Karen! I’ve been missing visiting my friends in blogland – too much going on around here!

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