Trashy Tuesday, Dumpster Diving, When You Have Enough

Good Time Charlie, Le Junque

Welcome to the Trashiest Day of the Week! Trashy Tuesday.  If you have been around here before, you know I love a good Dumpster Dive.  It is right up there on my list of favorite things to do, like speeding down a roller coaster.  I love a good mystery novel, and Dumpster Diving is like a mystery novel.  What is that thing sticking out?

If I drive around, will I find more parts of whatever that is?  I need to solve the mystery!


(I think it turned out to be part of a rolling industrial door, it was in 4 different dumpsters!!)  Dumpster 1

As much as I love my Junque, I also love order.  And I have had precious little order around here with my Junque stash.  I have been getting closer to my goal of having only what I will work on that month/better yet, week.  I am not there, but getting closer.  I can get my car in now, that is some serious progress!

Garage march 2013

Car in garage October 2013 2

My Mantra I repeat to myself as I gawk at Dumpsters.  I HAVE ENOUGH.

I have a hard time not just “looking”.  I have a curiosity issue.  If I were a cat, I would have used up my nine lives a long time ago.  I can’t help but drive behind stores, cruise through Apartment Complexes, and occasionally  check out industrial park dumpsters.  I am easily amused, unlike Kurt Cobain.


I wish I was like you easily amused – Kurt Cobain, (I miss him).  I am certain Kurt checked out a few dumpsters himself, (but maybe not for upcycling potential)

I am not all apologies though.  Hey, Dumpster Diving is free.  Upcycling is a good thing to do (unless it takes over your life….)  If you read about my WORD  for 2014, then you have to know bringing home more stuff is not going to help me reach my goal.  I must work through what I have.

I did pick up this Storage Crate behind a local Chinese Restaurant.  (don’t ask what I was doing back there).  I have enough, but I really needed this Crate.  


Hope you have a totally trash filled week.





  1. Diana

    I just wanted to tell you that not only is your blog informative, but you make me laugh and smile and that is special.

  2. kirby

    I love dumpsters!! (But I love “large item pickup” more.)

  3. Joan B.

    I have collected too much stuff too, both from trash and my on-line estate sale addiction. We can only park in half of our double garage and guess who the poor person is who has to park their vehicle out in the snow and ice storms…. Me. I love blogs who share the mess with the beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. debi beard

    crates have so many possibilities! Tuesday’s are my fave days here! Keep diving! Can you get dumpster diving certified? hmmmm…..

  5. ColleenB.

    You made my day with today’s blog. Gave me something to smile about being my oven burned up on me yesterday. The heating element in the oven burned clear through and talk about “an electrifying performance”. Snap, Crackle, and pop and even set off the smoke alarm in the house. So my dear, thanks for the bit of humor today.
    Enjoy your day and have a fab week

  6. Jill Flory

    I have GOT to get out and do some serious dumpster diving this year instead of just being satisfied finding great deals at thrift shops!

  7. Judy

    I would love to go dumpster diving with you. It would be a blast.

  8. Suffering Husband

    Awesome Cobain/Nirvana reference. You rock my friend.

  9. Susan@ Rustic ReDiscovered

    I to can’t help but look into dumpsters when I pass by. Also picked up a awesome dresser from the curb last night. Great crate find!!

  10. Liz C.

    Oh Dear. You & I were obviously cut from the same cloth. I’m just older. People please pray for our very souls…

  11. Karen Sack

    You are a legend! Your posts always make smile. Here in Brisbane Australia people have started of late just leaving unwanted stuff on their front lawns. Often the local council once a year this is not associated. So what is a girl to do when she see’s random stuff. As I pull up with my car I think of you dumpster diving….lol. This week I found a perfectly good wooden dolls crib for my 18 month old girl. Sure it needs a clean and a pick of paint but I just can’t wait to get it done for her. Sad isn’t it when you are driving as spot prefer toy good trash out the corner of your eye. Thanks for inspiring me and brightening my day 🙂 Karen xxoo


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