Trashy Tuesday, Cabinet Door and The Whole Store

Le Junque

  1. Bliss says:

    If you can do those three things I believe you can travel the globe teaching others how to arrange their garage into work, car and storage space. Put us first on your stop.

  2. flashydiva says:

    how lucky are you??!! and how early do you leave your house to find such cool stuff??

  3. Rita says:

    I’d love to find some of the neat things you do, but do you really get in a dumpster? I’d be afraid to go poking around behind stores-or wherever you go-because I’d probably get arrested. Do you mind sharing some spcifics on how/what exactly you do? Thanks.

    • GTC says:

      Hi Rita, I have a Dumpster Diving Series that answers all of these questions. You can find the link on my sidebard, scroll down until you see the dumpster!

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