Le Garden Party, Part Deux. Aluminum Siding Makes New Top!

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How To Makeover a Teacart for Outside

I had an old tea cart, but the top was in very poor condition, so I added a piece of Stainless steel I had cut and aged to perfection.

The perfect Garden Cart

Carolina-Sun-Yellow-Bar-Cart-Stainless-Steel-top-redouxinteriors words.jpg

Here is what I started with:

This little guy was in BAAAD shape.  Dirty, warpy wood, and basically not loved by anyone.  I gave him a thorough cleaning, then painted the first coat in a mixture of DIY Paint in Prom Queen. I finished it off with CeCe Caldwell’s Carolina Sun Yellow.  I distressed it just enough so the underlying colors would show through.

Now for the new top!  The wood was really not looking pretty on top, even with the new paint job.  I cut a piece of Aluminum Siding.  I gave it that “aged” look with a fabulous metal aging product called “Jax”.  You can order it HERE.  It is really easy to do, and the finish ages in just minutes.

Instant Old!

I want this piece to be able to “live” outside and withstand the elements.  I sealed the entire piece with several coats of a spray outdoor Polyurethane.

Now it is ready for service!

And now for the entire reveal…

And just in case, you haven’t seen enough.  Here they are, all three of them together.  Check out how I made over that Plastic, YES PLASTIC table and the cute chairs HERE.

Here is to sunny days ahead and outdoor dining!






  1. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    Your little serving cart is adorable and I loved the aged top! I will have to check out Jax. What a sweet spot to enjoy some time with someone special!

  2. Pamela

    That is an amazing table/cart! I really like the new top and will have to go over and see about Jax! I have been looking for something like that for awhile now. Thanx in advance for coming to this weeks party!:)

  3. barb blair

    so cute! love the aged metal too! :}

  4. Tania

    I love him… so sweet with his masculine metal top! 🙂


  5. Mandy

    Hi Karen! LOVE your buffet cart. Thanks so much for sharing it at Project Queen this past week. I will be featuring it tomorrow night at the Highlight Party :-).

  6. Diana

    I love polka dots and in yellow, adorable.

    • GTC

      Doesn’t that combo make you happy? Thanks Diana, I love it too.

  7. Elisha @ Pneumatic Addict Furniture

    What a coincidence! I just posted a project with a metal top this morning too! Great minds think alike. Yours turned out beautifully! Great job!

    • GTC

      So true! I haven’t had a chance to see it yet!

  8. Elaine

    Love the aged metal and the table and chairs! Can you give us an idea of what the Jax costs? It said to contact them and I really don’t want to do that because I don’t know the cost. It might be a product I would like to use sometime but not now. Just need an idea of the cost

    • GTC

      Hi Elaine, here is the link to the website. The prices are there. They are very affordable. About $12-13 per bottle. One bottle will do several projects. https://www.jaxchemical.com/

  9. kirby carespodi

    This is so GREAT! I will be honest, I have used tin tiles and copper from my husband’s plant, but never would have thought of aluminum siding! Love it!

    • GTC

      Those are great ideas too!! I actually got the idea, I think Restoration Redoux did a whole desk in aluminum siding. Then I took it another level and figured out you can age it with Jax chemicals.

  10. Heather {Woods of Bell Trees}

    Lady you need to come over here and teach me all your amazing techniques! You nail it every time! I love the cart!!!

    • GTC

      You are so sweet Heather!! I am working on doing more video series and a FAQ + techniques forum. Watch for it! It isn’t all that hard what I do!

  11. Evelyn

    I’m intrigued by your painting technique. How do you paint over plastic and get the paint to hold?

    • GTC

      Hi Evelyn, CeCe Caldwell’s paints is highly adhesive to any surface. You can check through my projects gallery and see what it does stick to!

  12. Wendy

    I love all of the pieces you put together! When can I come over for lemonade?

  13. Shauna

    Love the idea of the aluminum siding for the top- brilliant! So functional too!

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