Trashy Tuesday, A Tisket a Tasket, Some Bowls and Some Baskets

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Happy Trashy Tuesday! Did you miss me and my junque last week?  It was good to take a week off.  All the good junque just waited for me to pick it up too!  I am reaching critical mass in my garage again.  I need to do some serious painting and repurposing, get all that good stuff out of there, and go shopping, I mean Dumpster Diving for more!

Here is a peek at what I picked up this week:

I found that ladder right near my house. Sadly abandoned in a nearby little shopping area.  Don’t people know ladders are really cute when they are painted and used for decor? 

Driving home from Paris Flea Market recently, I had a “feeling” I should go check the nearby “active living” retirement home’s dumpster.  There was the bookshelf, just waiting for me to fix it up and send it off to its new home.

Easter is coming!  Do you need some baskets?  I found piles of them, here is just a sampling of my favorites.

I thought these wood bowls were kind of nifty.  Painted and used for jewelry storage, office knick knacks.  They are a unique and kind of cool shape.

Have you seen these used in cute storage projects on Pinterest?  I love this example with herbs.

I have some already (that I bought) now I have some free ones too.  I have more than (free to me Mason Jars) to plant herbs for my entire neighborhood.  I should probably get planting.

Can you believe all this good stuff?  Do you need to sit down to take it all in?  I have a chair for you too!  A sad little chair all by itself at one of my favorite Apartment Dumpster spots.

Hope your week is totally trashy and full of junque.  See you next week! In the mean time, watch out for road side goodies and keep one hand in the dumpster. (Just wash it well when you are finished).




  1. ColleenB. ~ Texas

    Oh, you lucky, lucky gal. What wonderful treasures you found once again.
    Them wooden bowls are aswesome

  2. cassie

    i am loving that bookcase!

  3. Gigi Harlan

    I can’t believe the wonderful stuff people throw away! I love what you have done with it all!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

    • GTC

      Gina I repurpose it and sell it at a store in Livermore, Ca called Paris Flea Market. It is my “happy” place!

  4. Diana

    Why would anyone throw out a ladder…….crazy!

    • GTC

      You would be amazed why people throw out half the things I find!!

    • GTC

      I hope the Easter Bunny leaves me some chocolate too, but the kind that comes from a store, named Sees and I don’t find it in a dumpster.

  5. Sheila

    What wonderful treasures. I am going this afternoon to take a walk around my neighbourhood and do some diving. I LOVE finding new treasures for my home 🙂

    • GTC

      Hope your trash picking was very successful!!

      • Sheila

        Not much luck, but there is always another day 🙂


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