Dumpster Dive Modern Bookshelf Goes Chip Hip

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Dumpster Dive Modern Bookshelf Goes Chip Hip

If you follow me around for a week, you will notice a pattern.  I dig Dumpsters. And not just the kind of digging as in “I Like”.  I actually dig in the Dumpster. Check out my Trashy Tuesday series if you want to keep up with the trash!  My Modern Bookshelf to Chippy finish is my latest save!

I rescued this Modern looking bookshelf (which was covered in what appeared to be a bazillion layers of white latex paint) from just outside a neighborhood dumpster.  (Yep, my dumpsters have regions too).   Maybe it really is solid wood, but I wasn’t about to strip through that many layers of paint.  I don’t have a month to complete this!

I use CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk and Clay based paints almost exclusively.  I love that they are 100% natural, I can paint with them inside because they are no fumes.  The paints are easy to use + adhere to just about any surface, no primer!   CeCe Paints met their match with this bookshelf.  The surface was about as slick as you know what.  I base coated the entire piece in a really thinned coat of Virginia Chestnut.

photo courtesy of Dear Olympia

This is one of my go to’s to immediately give the piece the look that it is solid, quality wood under there.   I immediately noticed these mysterious patches where the paint would not stick.  Instead of sanding and priming, I just went with it!

After the Virginia Chestnut dried, I went over the next coat with Texas Prairie.  Sometimes you have to go through all kinds of  tricks to get your paint to look this chippy.  Mine came as a happy accident. It chipped in the corners too.  It was a happy random chippy experience.

I lightly sanded the entire piece with a 320 grit sandpaper and sealed with CeCe Caldwell’s Endurance.  A hard wearing clear coat, so easy to apply. Check out how to use it HERE!

Next time you have a project where your paint is resisting to stick and won’t behave, just give in and go with it.  You might end up with a really Hip, Chippy result.

And don’t forget to check your Dumpsters!  You might find a Bookshelf there that is Chip Hip!

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This bookshelf is chipping away at these parties:


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  1. Deidre

    OMG! I TOO found this same piece on the side of the road in the middle of snowy muddy spring and literally dragged that sucker in to my van with many onlookers I might add, lol.LOVE what youve done a real beauty!stop over and see my before on this piece 🙂

    • GTC

      Good for your Deidre! People must think we are crazy, but finding stuff on the road is so fun!



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