Trashy Tuesday, Tables of the DIY Dumpster Dive

Le Junque

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!  This week definitely had a theme. Here is a hint, they are round, they are square, they are short, they are tall, and this week, I found them all!  

Tables!  And a cabinet with potential, a nice floor lamp (not pictured) plus 6 VERY solid oak chairs that go with the monster table set I found.

Just a regular morning of cruising my favorite free trash neighborhoods and Dumpsters. I spied THIS lovely side table.

Plus, the huge round top.  I was busy scribbling a note on my business card to ask the owner if I could liberate these items from her front door, when she opened the door!!  Good thing I always have a little ditty prepared, it goes something like this, “Are those items free?  I restore old furniture, I would love to haul it away for you”.  This often opens up new offers to take even MORE furniture away that was not out for free…..I should have a large solid oak China Cabinet coming my way soon as well as a good sized Buffet.   Try my words, they work magic!

The HUGE dining table came with two HUGE leafs, 2 solid pedestals and 6 very solid oak chairs.  My friend Emma will be the new owner of the table and chair set.  A good makeover and the set will find its way to a new home  quickly.

Do you do garage sell leftovers?  You should!  Most people don’t get their garage sale signs down the day of the sale, sometimes not ever…..When time allows I cruise out around 3:00 pm on Saturday where local garage sales were held.  Often I find free things that didn’t sell.  Priced too high, no one saw the potential, etc.   I also make it a habit to repeat this method Monday morning.  I found this tall table that will be AWESOME with wheels!!  Check Put Some Wheels on It if you want to see more on adding wheels to furniture and  what a difference it can make!  Garage Sale leftovers is way easier than Dumpster Diving!

Speaking of wheels….I found these four casters behind one of my usual Dumpsters.  I am convinced someone is being nice to me and enjoys leaving things at my usual spots that I can use (not really, but it makes a nice thought).

I did my time at the gym, went on my merry way to run my mom errands.  A trip to Target is not complete without a trip behind the store.  Check my Dumpster Diving Series for more details!   This cabinet was actually hiding behind a large locked Dumpster. If it weren’t for my nosiness of scanning the entire area, I would have totally missed it.   Don’t discount the bushes behind big stores.

I don’t recommend heading into them, but I have found good stuff concealed by them from time to time like this fun Factory Cart!

While I was nosing around the Dumpster, I picked up this Coffee Table.  I can’t decide what to do.  It may end up being the sum of its parts with the base marrying the top of my recently acquired cabinet that needs a new top.

I also stocked up on plenty of Pallet Wood, but everyone knows what those look like….I have some projects in mind.

Hope you have a totally Trashy Week and good luck with your DIY Dumpster Dive!


  1. Darrielle Tennenbaum

    Reading about your trashy finds is one of my favorite parts about Tuesdays! Love it!

  2. kim imboden

    I love trashy Tuesdays look forward to it all the time. I found some tin yesterday, I was so excited. lots of garage sales this past week, but still no car. so it is driving me crazy that I can’t go. I hope to have the car fixed soon, one money comes available. if the weather would ever break I would be so happy. I could find my garage. it is going to be like Christmas in there. I no longer know what is in there, but I know it is full beyond belief. I have been trying to go through things in my basement to reorganize it to put the extra things I am going to keep for my house redo in. I can’t wait.

  3. Paula in MN

    Love them all, but I think you should change the first picture from Dumpter Tables to Dumpster Tables.

  4. Barbara Ann

    Back a while ago I had my own shop. Wanting to save all my funds for merchandise I got all display items from yard sales. One item was a old mistreated amoire. Door was off the hinges and it was wobbly. On Sunday they wanted what I felt was still too much. But come Sunday night there it was by the curb. It came home to my shop.
    Door came off and was hung on the wall over the cash counter. My hunny bunny installed glass shelves and lights. A good cleaning and it displayed wine glasses. I got lots of offers on that item.
    When shop closed I kept it for years then finally sold it. But I still have the mirrored door hanging in the hallway.
    Monday morning leftovers can be the best!

  5. Christy@Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

    What a haul!! I love to live vicariously through you. She, who throws all caution (and risk of total embarrassment) to the wind! I love it…Maybe I will be more bold when I’m not in the constant company of a three year old! XO

  6. kirby carespodi

    Large item pickup starts next week! I CANNOT WAIT!!!



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