Trashy Tuesday, Tables of the DIY Dumpster Dive

Le Junque

  1. Reading about your trashy finds is one of my favorite parts about Tuesdays! Love it!

  2. kim imboden says:

    I love trashy Tuesdays look forward to it all the time. I found some tin yesterday, I was so excited. lots of garage sales this past week, but still no car. so it is driving me crazy that I can’t go. I hope to have the car fixed soon, one money comes available. if the weather would ever break I would be so happy. I could find my garage. it is going to be like Christmas in there. I no longer know what is in there, but I know it is full beyond belief. I have been trying to go through things in my basement to reorganize it to put the extra things I am going to keep for my house redo in. I can’t wait.

  3. Paula in MN says:

    Love them all, but I think you should change the first picture from Dumpter Tables to Dumpster Tables.

  4. Barbara Ann says:

    Back a while ago I had my own shop. Wanting to save all my funds for merchandise I got all display items from yard sales. One item was a old mistreated amoire. Door was off the hinges and it was wobbly. On Sunday they wanted what I felt was still too much. But come Sunday night there it was by the curb. It came home to my shop.
    Door came off and was hung on the wall over the cash counter. My hunny bunny installed glass shelves and lights. A good cleaning and it displayed wine glasses. I got lots of offers on that item.
    When shop closed I kept it for years then finally sold it. But I still have the mirrored door hanging in the hallway.
    Monday morning leftovers can be the best!

  5. What a haul!! I love to live vicariously through you. She, who throws all caution (and risk of total embarrassment) to the wind! I love it…Maybe I will be more bold when I’m not in the constant company of a three year old! XO

  6. Large item pickup starts next week! I CANNOT WAIT!!!

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