Trashy Tuesday, Total Frame Up

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Happy April Fools Day!! No joke here today. What I am sharing with you is the real deal.  No kidding involved.

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!!!  My garage overfloweth, so I have been holding off on the dumpsters.  Paris Flea Market is this weekend, and I have several projects completed…….it might be time to go shopping (diving) again!

I found ALL of these frames two weeks ago.  One Dumpster.  One morning.

There I was, 7:30 a.m. thinking I might find a small frame or something.  I saw one frame laying on top of the dumpster pile.  Ho hum, but I picked it up.  Good thing, because underneath it were 5 more really good frames!

It was Mary Poppins magic Carpet Bag.  The frames just kept on coming and coming.

I was feeling as joyous as a beautiful spring day by the ocean.

And even felt inspired to get home and do some painting myself.

When I loaded them all into my car, I may have even done a high pitched squeal and a little dance around my van.

I am sure the people leaving for work felt some pity for me, thinking the woman in the old minivan, dressed in pauper’s clothing just found enough of their cast offs to peddle.

Guess what, they were right!



  1. cassie

    lucky duck! love the second!

  2. Diana

    Gee you find the best things, you got some really nice frames.

  3. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

    Great frames, Karen! When I am at yard or estate sales I always look at the pictures ~ well, the frames because that’s what I really want.

  4. ColleenB. ~ Texas

    You have the best luck at finding such awesome treasures.

  5. Bliss

    Isn’t that a famous saying, “one can never have too many frames”?

    • GTC

      I think it may have been shoes and it was Imelda Marcos. But you are right, one can never have too many frames!

  6. Michele

    Wow! Nice frames and those prints are beautiful. Not sure whose work the first one is (seems to detailed to be an Impressionist’s work, so I doubt it is a Monet print). But I am pretty sure the 2nd one is a print of a Monet piece and the last one is a print of a Renoir piece. Those are so pretty. I would not change them at all since they look in pretty good shape and you might sell them as is. Great finds!

  7. Shelly Andrade

    Of course you did ~ lol SCORE!!!! They’re going to be fabulous!!

    • GTC

      Circles, I hadn’t thought of that! Those would look great on those frames. Speaking of circles, I have been on a hampster circle all week. Finally going through email.

  8. Sheila

    It’s sooo fun to dumpster dive. Been doing it for years. You got great frames girl.


  9. lyn Hamilton

    I have just came across your site,you are a girl after my own heart!! The frames are great. I live just outside Edinburgh in Scotland. I have came across some skips (dumpsters) recently and love that feeling of finding something you can rescue,even although people probably think i am crazy,lol!! Looking forward to having a read of your posts xxx

    • GTC

      Thank you so much Lyn! Welcome!! I do love a good dumpster dive!! What do you call that in Ediburgh? I love your city, my husband and I visited there several years ago. We enjoyed every moment there.


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