Trashy Tuesday, Curbside Dining and My Trashy Office

Dumpster Diving Diaries, Le Junque

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday, Curbside Dining and My Trashy Office

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I feel so spoiled, but lately I don’t have to look too far for freebies. They seem to find me!  I am a Mormon and we often have the LDS (Mormon) missionaries in our home.  We have a sweet pair of Sister Missionaries serving in our area and I let slip that I am “Dumpster Diver”.  They were definitely intrigued, being college kids in their normal life.  I forgot about the conversation, but the next evening I received a text from them that this entire dining set was on the curb nearby for FREE!!  See?  If you want to find more free furniture, just tell as many people as you can, pretty soon you will have your own network looking out for free furniture for you.
Redouxinteriors Curbside Dining Chairs
I found this lamp just the other day, literally on top of a dumpster.  Obviously whoever threw it out failed to see the light of what the lamp could look like besides its current state.
Lamp redouxinteriors
The lamp made its way to my totally trashy office.  Here is a glimpse, I don’t have enough DIY going on, I thought I would rearrange my office a bit too.
Redouxinteriors office entrance
Did you know that is a real Black Velvet portrayal of The Last Supper?  Yep, there are not many of these on the market, in fact, I may own the only one.  Classy, that’s me all the way.  My office chair is super comfy too, that came from a Dumpster as well, in case you were wondering. 
Karen's Office May 2014
Just tonight, on our way home we passed this nightstand.  I made my husband take a U-Turn to make sure I could have it.  Do we need more furniture in our garage?  I think not, but free is free, and good free is even better!
Nightstand Redouxinteriors
And just in case you were wondering about my stairs……I am still, STILL working on them.  I could have repainted my kitchen, your kitchen, and your neighbor’s and friend’s kitchens in the time it has taken me to do this project.  I am quite pleased with the way it looks, so I will press on. Plus, I don’t really want to live with green tape and another half finished project for the rest of this year.  (which is how long it may take me to actually finish).  
Black and White Stairs redouxinteriors
That’s my Trash for this Trashy Tuesday.  Hope you have a totally trashy week.


  1. Karen

    Always enjoying reading your posts! Wish I could be as brave as you when picking up furniture I see for free or cheap!

  2. jan

    I kind of like the green tape. I vote it stays.

  3. Claudia

    Love the chairs! Maybe I could get you to come do my stairs??? Especially since you have the know how now! 😉

  4. Bliss

    Let me know if you come across a black velvet Elvis blanket.

  5. Nancy @ Artsy Chicks Rule

    Awesome finds Karen! And yep, free is always good…but good free is better! Your stairs are looking fantastic!

  6. alison

    I love your free stuff! Actually I just did up two night stands EXACTLY the same as this one! And they were free in AUSTRALIA!!! Dumpster diving is a truly international sport!!!

  7. barbara ann

    I love that you haven’t finished your stairs…Me neither.

    • GTC

      Haha! It’s like the cobbler whose children have no shoes….my home is one big ongoing DIY Project



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