Trashy Tuesday A Study in Curbside Shopping

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Trashy Tuesday A Study in Curbside Shopping

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday, where we talk trash, literally!

Chair desk and misc dumpster finds redouxinteriors

Did you know there was  science to curbside shopping?  Read on, there is….

Just when I thought this week was going to turn out to be a slow week because I have made it a point to lay off the dumpsters…..the stuff comes to moi!

A sweet reader emailed to see if  I would be interested in taking this chair off her hands.  She did all the hard work already, but decided the project was not one she wished to continue.  Add to my list of things to reupholster, but this one should be an easier job.  And the frame is gorgeous!

And now back to that study on curbside shopping. Someone in my neighborhood has been holding the longest garage sale, and I am talking consecutive days running.  I think we are going on 2 months now.  I have been eyeing it, wondering when it was going to end and specifically, if this desk would be there after and be FREE!

Dumpster desk redouxinteriors

Yes, patience is a virtue.

free junk sign just take it redouxinteriors

Don’t you love a sign like this? This is what I saw Monday morning when I did my usual cruise by to see if the world’s longest RUNNING garage sale had ended and it was time to give up and give it away.

I found this picnic basket, a little pot, lamp shade and a lace table runner.

free picnic basket pot and table runner

And some misc books

curbside pick up books

I cannot fit another thing in my garage and also work.  Next week might just be a tour of the all the junk in there!

Curbside Shopping and Dumpster diving are off limits to me this week.  And I mean it!

Hope you have a Trashy Tuesday and a totally trashy week.  And I hope the study in curbside shopping helps you fill your garage with all the junk of your dreams.












  1. ColleenB. ~ Texas

    Once again; you hit the jackpot. You have got to be the luckiest person around when it comes to finding such wonderful treasures.
    I always say; ‘Cheap is good, but Free is better.’ :}

  2. Larissa ~ Prodigal Pieces

    uh huh…off limits? I bet! You and me both. Had to call hubby off the agenda last night because he was supposed to pick up 2 more pieces for me, but I don’t have the room! Love your post. :o)

  3. Kim@ReposhtureStudio

    Now Karen… know that your are speaking with a forked tongue! Curbside shopping is never truly off limits!!!! Especially if I know your eye for spotting amazing things. I’ll say a prayer for steadfastness!!!
    Love, K

  4. Darrielle Tennenbaum

    Best trash around on your blog! I wonder if you really will be able to lay of curbside shopping. Good luck with all your transformations this week!

  5. Joann

    Nice desk! throw some chalk paint on the those books & paint a few pretty flowers = more goodness!
    Show us next week how successfull you were…(wink)(wink)

  6. Kiki

    Cool finds. Your karma spilled over cuz I too had a great trashy Tuesday. Scored a log/lodge headboard just waiting for me on way to work. Hillar in my work clothes shoving it in my car! Shop on!


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