How to Gild Fake Pumpkins with Metallic Paint

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Don’t you love Fall?  The change in colors in nature and the endless possibilities of decorated Pumpkins. Check out how to Gild Fake Pumpkins with Metallic Paint.  I didn’t have to spend a fortune and I can save my money for something I really want for Halloween instead, some candy!
Here is what you will need for your Fake Pumpkin Gilding.  You might want to keep some chocolate nearby for energy, Halloween is coming after all, may as well start on the sugar train now!
Materials needed:
  • White or Orange faux pumpkin purchased from Craft Store
  • Krylon Metallic Spray in “Copper”
  • Krylong Mettallic Spray in “Original Chrome”
  • Metallic Silver and Gold Craft Paint (I am really loving the Martha Steward brand, much better than the cheaper stuff)
  • Small paintbrush, (I used a 1 inch brush)
  • Very fine Gauge Wire, about 3 inches per pumpkin
  • Nail, or other sharp object (for puncturing the stem)
This is your Fake Pumpkin before
Start by Spray Painting your Pumpkin in Silver or Bronze Metallic Paint (only one color per pumpkin!)
Now for the fancy Gilding of the Fake Pumpkin….
After Metallic paint dries, use metallic craft paint and “dry brush” from the stem down, all around the pumpkin.  (This mimics the natural color variation you would see on a real pumpkin, but not gold and silver….)
When craft paint is dry, paint stem in metallic craft paint.
While Stem is drying, use about a 3-4 inch piece of the wire and wrap around a pencil to make a “ringlet”.  Don’t put this on your finger, this is for the pumpkin to wear only.  You can try the pencil curling method on your hair too, it works if you have decent hair!  (and a whole lot of time, I have neither, but that’s a scary Halloween story in itself).
When Stem is dry, use a sharp object (I used a large nail), to “make a hole” for the wire.  Stick one end of the wire into the stem, until it feels secure.  (You can also stick the wire in, then do the ringlet).  Just don’t stick yourself, it hurts.
Now you know how to Gild a Fake Pumpkin with Metallic Paint!  Congratulate yourself by selecting one of your favorite Halloween candies.  Be sure to hide well from your children.  The candy, not the Gilded fake Pumpkin.
Ahh, so much better!  From Orange to Ooo la la!
Gilded Pumpkins redouxinteriors
The moral of this story is it doesn’t cost a fortune to Gild a Fake Pumpkin with metallic paint.  Metallic Paint can make so many cheap things from the craft store or dollar store look expensive.  Now go get gilding.
PS This is a gilding rerun.


How to Gild Fake Pumpkins with Metallic Paint trick or treating at these lovely parties:




  1. Ann@StylishOnceAgain

    Great Job, these are lovely! I would love for you to share them at my Restyled Sunday's party.

  2. Heather

    What a great way to add bling to such a common fall decor item!

  3. Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking

    Very pretty! I might need to make some this fall. I'm putting your pumpkins in the PoPP Spotlight. Thanks for linking up.

  4. Megan {Splendid Design}


    Did you buy the pumpkins from Michaels? I have been looking for this size pumpkins and cannot find them any where? Are they plastic. Thanks.


  5. Maridith @ Strictly Homemade

    I am so ready for fall. These are just what I needed to inspire me to kick off the season! I am featuring this on Strictly Homemade Tuesday. Come back, link up again and pick up feature button!!

    Have a great day!

  6. Shannon at madiganmade

    Very prety! I'm loving warm metallics this season. Love your gilded collection!

  7. Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage

    Those are great!! Thanks for auditioning for OMTWI! Be sure to put the button or a text link on your post or sidebar…don't want you to get disqualified!

  8. Tammy Killough

    Thanks for linking up with Live Creatively Inspired. These are just too creative! ~Tammy


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