Welcome to Trashy Tuesday Cleaning out the Garage…..Again!

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If you are a regular around these parts, does this seem like deja vu to you?  It does to me too.  I have an illness, it is called Dumpsterdivitis.  It is an addiction to Dumpster Diving and I can’t seem to stop and it takes over my workspace.  

I can stop for a while, but eventually my addiction wins over and there I am in, cruising around town in my mini van, looking through other people’s dumpsters.

Eventually, I can’t stand the mess I have made.  I spend a day (or two) sorting through the junk and then I must take the rejects to the dump, or I donate what I can.  If you want a chuckle, and you want to justify your piles and your messy garage, then check out my video.  You will realize you are a mere dabbler in the Dumsterdivitis.

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Cleaning out the garage and getting rid of junk can put me a very good mood for a while.  It is hot where I live, and for one week now, I have been able to get my car back in the garage.

And actually open the door.  On all four sides!!  

I also cleaned off my work bench.  Getting rid of visual clutter is a must for the crazy creative types.  Cleaning out your garage regularly is a must for Dumpster Divers and Curbside shoppers.  In case you were wondering about that fine finish.  I did a wash of CeCe Caldwell’s Santa Fe Turquoise and then had fun playing with Maine Harbor Blue one day…. 

I switched the location of my Dining Table turned workbench with my Shipping Pallet turned Workbench.  Now I can fit my table saw and my chop saw on the same surface, and easily wheel it outside so the mess is not all over my garage. 

Oh yes, and remember this bookshelf I found on the curb last week?

I went to barely move it and it completely broke apart.  I need to gather up the energy to put it back together. Sigh.

Now that my garage is clean, I am thinking it might be time to tackle the side yard.  There are few things in there I need to grab and put back in my garage.  

Thanks for coming Trashy Tuesday.  I hope you enjoyed Cleaning out the Garage. 




  1. Susan

    Kudos to you for showing the ugly side of D.I.Y. and the clutter that creative people create. I have spent my teacher summer working on organizing my home. I am great at finding projects but I have a terrible habit of putting/squirreling them all over the house. Does a hammer belong in my bedroom, or do frames to redo belong slid into narrow spaces all over the house? No? I have made progress, but had to keep reminding myself that the mess did not happen all at once and takes time to corral. I won’t even talk about the mess that is my garage…
    The funniest thing is, I was watching to see what you were purging and thinking, oh, that looks neat…it’s a sickness, I tells ya’, a sickness. Happy cleaning!

  2. mj

    Oh, heck. Here I thought I was just sick, collecting all those unfinished, intended, well-meaning projects that never get done because the place is in such disorder I can’t “create” or anything else. It just makes me crazy. Turns out it’s a common sickness…… not a bone of originality in my body…..drat, drat, drat……

    • GTC

      So glad you have the same sickness mj. It is what makes the world a more interesting place.

  3. Barbara Ann

    Ohhh thank you for sharing your garage. And your yard. Now I don’t feel so bad. I have things stacked outside and under the patio. And being in California we don’t have too many issues with the weather. Since we are in a drought. But with my luck we will have the wettest winter this year. I’ll be running outside at 1:30 am to cover it all up. Since the garage is full. Well we did leave a small walking path to get to the kitchen.
    I will be reviewing my stash this weekend. After we get back from yard sales. …
    Barbara Ann

    • GTC

      I think having a pile of stuff in our garage and outside is a creative person’s way of life. I better get that junk off the side of my house too before El Nino gets here!

  4. Hetty

    Well, i can see you found a solution for all your chairs…you hung them on the wall! How about hanging some other treasures on the wall or ceiling? Thanks for being so honest Karen, I am a junker myself!

  5. Jone

    One last question, I’ve noticed on a few other blogs/reviews that a lot of people get the tools free from the manufacturer to review. Will you tell me how I too can participate in that?


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