1. Susan says:

    Kudos to you for showing the ugly side of D.I.Y. and the clutter that creative people create. I have spent my teacher summer working on organizing my home. I am great at finding projects but I have a terrible habit of putting/squirreling them all over the house. Does a hammer belong in my bedroom, or do frames to redo belong slid into narrow spaces all over the house? No? I have made progress, but had to keep reminding myself that the mess did not happen all at once and takes time to corral. I won’t even talk about the mess that is my garage…
    The funniest thing is, I was watching to see what you were purging and thinking, oh, that looks neat…it’s a sickness, I tells ya’, a sickness. Happy cleaning!

  2. mj says:

    Oh, heck. Here I thought I was just sick, collecting all those unfinished, intended, well-meaning projects that never get done because the place is in such disorder I can’t “create” or anything else. It just makes me crazy. Turns out it’s a common sickness…… not a bone of originality in my body…..drat, drat, drat……

  3. Barbara Ann says:

    Ohhh thank you for sharing your garage. And your yard. Now I don’t feel so bad. I have things stacked outside and under the patio. And being in California we don’t have too many issues with the weather. Since we are in a drought. But with my luck we will have the wettest winter this year. I’ll be running outside at 1:30 am to cover it all up. Since the garage is full. Well we did leave a small walking path to get to the kitchen.
    I will be reviewing my stash this weekend. After we get back from yard sales. …
    Barbara Ann

    • GTC says:

      I think having a pile of stuff in our garage and outside is a creative person’s way of life. I better get that junk off the side of my house too before El Nino gets here!

  4. Hetty says:

    Well, i can see you found a solution for all your chairs…you hung them on the wall! How about hanging some other treasures on the wall or ceiling? Thanks for being so honest Karen, I am a junker myself!

  5. Jone says:

    One last question, I’ve noticed on a few other blogs/reviews that a lot of people get the tools free from the manufacturer to review. Will you tell me how I too can participate in that?

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