You will want to Bookmark this Lamp Shade Made of Book Pages! I love making over lamp shades.  I had an illuminating idea to makeover this lampshade.

Don’t you love all the fabulous ideas out there for using old book pages?  Big Merci and Kudos to the 1st person to ever conceive of using old book pages for an art project, whoever you are!

I had illuminating idea while repurposing lamp shades I needed for a sale.   I wanted to try something totally out of the ordinary. Being that I am Bona Fide Dumpster Diver (You can read all my tips and tricks for scoring big time with Dumpster HERE).  I had TONS of books, hence book pages on hand from curbside scores to left next to an in dumpsters.

To Begin a lamp shade made of book pages, carefully tear out pages of a small paper back book, or larger, depending on the size of your lamp shade.  I used a very outdated desk top dictionary.

I had my kids wad all the pages up individually then unwrap them so they were nice and crinkled.  Your kids know how to do this naturally, just check the bottom of their back packs from time to time.  Especially if you have boys.

Then begin by hot gluing pages to the bottom, spacing them apart by an inch or so.  I wanted the Lamp Shade  Made of Book Pages to look full and random.  You don’t want neat farm like rows.  This is haphazard, not for the perfectionist in you.  (I am still looking for mine, but the crazy creative in me keeps her at bay).

Keep adding the lamp shade.  Adding more and book pages and filling in where needed.  Think big ruffly, full skirt.

When you have a lamp shade that looks full enough to you, add trim at the top to hide the tops of the book pages.  I used braided black gimp.  This gives the lamp a finished look and keeps it from looking like it just rolled out from under your kids school supplies.

I love the whimsical look of the Lamp Shade.  And in case you are concerned about flammability, the book pages are no where in the vicinity of the bulb.

The Lamp Shade Made of Book Pages  only took me about 1/2 hour.  When I was finished, it took a good  10 minutes for me to stand back and admire it.  Hope this illuminating idea encourages you to Bookmark this lamp shade!

PS this post originally lit up the blogosphere in August of 2013

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  1. shelly andrade

    Supah Cute is right!! You totally pulled it off ~ I want to buy it!! Do you ship to Michigan?

  2. cassie

    that looks so cool! great job, karen!

  3. Kris

    This is so cute. What a clever idea. Who knew book pages could make a cute ruffle lamp shade!!! This is great. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Denise... on a whim

    This is really cool, Karen! I think I’m going to have to shamelessly copy you on this one because I think I need this in my home! 🙂

  5. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    That is adorable! My girls would love the wadding up part! Will be sharing this for all to see and admire (for much longer than 10 minutes)!

  6. Jan

    Oh my! You’ve done it again.
    I have a lampshade, the same shape as yours that—back in the 60s—was adorned with three rows of ribbon, rick-rack and trim. I just relieved this faded pink shade of the dusty trim and have been racking my brain to come up with a way to update it without tearing it to shreds. And then I find your post!
    I have a vintage French/English dictionary with a destroyed cover and missing pages I’ve already used for crafting. It will be magnifique for this purpose!
    I think it’s stopped raining, so I must rush to my outdoor studio and take a “before” picture, before I turn this dismal shade into a masterpiece!
    Thanks so much!

  7. Pamela

    That is a cute idea Karen! I have a lampshade I could do this too. Thanx for joining THT!

  8. Susan G


    This lamp was just adorable at the Paris Flea Market. You are so talented and clever…….and I just love your blogs with coffee in the morning. I get to wake up before I start working with a some laughs.
    Can’t wait to go on our Road Trip to San Diego……..

  9. Catherine

    This lamp shade is just so FUN!!! : ) Love the look of it – and it looks so easy to do! Great idea and well done! Catherine (new follower)

  10. Kelli Girsch

    I just love this lampshade! You did a great job with looks so good lit up at night too!
    Thank you for sharing this tutorial with us. This is the first time I’ve been to your blog,, I saw you over at Miss Mustard Seed’s furniture link up today and I’m so glad I found you !
    You are really talented!

    Kelli Girsch –

  11. Julia @ 551 East Design

    I have seen this ALL OVER Pinterest, but I didn’t realize it was you! Lady, you are famous!!

  12. Mary Beth @ Cupcakes and Crinoline

    Too, too, too stinkin’ cute! Love it.

    Thanks so much for sharing at this week’s Project Inspire{d} ~ pinning!

    Mary Beth

  13. pandora's box

    Well, this is the cutest lampshade I have ever seen – clever idea!!

  14. Meegan

    I can NEVER resist a book page project, and this is definitely one that I won’t quickly forget! Love it cute girl!!
    Thanks for linking up to Tickled Pink Times Two!
    Make it a great day. xoxoxo

  15. Karen Guillot

    Love this…and all of your posts…keep them coming!

    • GTC

      Thank you so much Karen! I will do my best to keep the junque coming!

  16. ColleenB. ~ Texas

    How cute and how very clever.
    If a person ever gets bored, they can start reading the lamp shade :}

    • GTC

      That’s funny Colleen! And I still owe you a picture……..Must make myself go upstairs and get on that computer….

  17. Diana

    So cute and sounds quick, thank you for the idea!

    • GTC

      Thanks so much Kim!! I need to make another one to keep!

  18. Diane Kelley

    Great idea! Think I’ll try it with old maps!!!!



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