Trashy Tuesday Another Week in the Dumpster

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Welcome to Trashy Tuesday Another Week in the Dumpster.

trashy tuesday another day in the dumpster redouxinteriors

How was your week?  I bet you didn’t spend it in a dumpster.  Actually, I didn’t either, but I did spend a bit of time lurking around them.  And my lurking paid off, BIG TIME.

Starting with biggest finds first.  I found THESE TWO MIDCENTURY CHAIRS!  They are comfy, cool and in great condition.  Eventually they will get reupholstered.  They look oh so cool with my new Drexel MidCentury Credenza I found a few weeks ago.  

Dumpster found midcentury chairs redouxinteriors

Vinyl Ottoman!  If I keep it, I will replace the legs with wheels and paint it with my fave CeCe Caldwell’s paints.  You can check out how CeCe Caldwell’s sticks to vinyl in THIS POST and THIS POST. 

dumpster found ottoman redouxinteriors

If I don’t go with the Vinyl Ottoman, my other choice is this wood trunk I found.  Same deal, wheels, paint. What do you think? Which one would you vote for? 

dumpster found wood trunk redouxinteriors

I like original art.   Cost is prohibitive though!  FREE is my price range.  Mr. Red wants this for his room.  He would like Kathryn’s name painted out.  So much for appreciating the artist.  

dumpster found painting redouxinteriors

Flowers?  FOR ME? Oh you shouldn’t have.  But you did!  I found tons of floral type doo dads this week. 

dumpster found fake flower pot redouxinteriors

Liking this container!  Maybe I can upcycle the arrangement for some Halloween decor.  

dumpster found floral pot redouxinteriors

Some poor bride is missing one of her centerpieces.  

dumpster found floral topiary redouxinteriors

Mini Grape Vine Wreaths!   Do you think these were hair accessories for the flower girls for the bride that is missing her centerpieces? 

dumpster found grapevine mini wreaths redouxinteriors

I haven’t even broken out my Fall Decor, and it is HOT here.  STILL!   However, it is never too early to start planning for Christmas.  I can always use an extra garland.  

dumpster found christmas garland redouxinteriors

My Master Bathroom makeover. You can follow along with on Facebook and Instagram.  I will be needing new wastebaskets.  These are in pristine, no garbage has touched them….yet, condition.  Why pay for trash baskets when all you do is put trash in them?

And SEW it goes.  I found three bags full of sewing supplies.  
dumpster found sewing kits redouxinteriors

That’s it.  Hope you have a totally Trashy Tuesday and spend some quality time in a dumpster. 


  1. cassie

    oh those chairs!!!!!!! LOVE.

    • GTC

      That is so fun you love them. I thought of you when I brought them home! I am so in love, I just wish they would reupholster themselves now….

  2. ColleenB. ~ Texas

    Dang girl; you really hit the jackpot this week,.
    I absolutely Luv them chairs.
    I would choose the wooden chest over the ottoman only because you can store blankets, extra set of pillows or whatever in it. Great to have in guest bedroom.
    Bag full of sewing supplies; right up my alley
    Have a wonderful day and thanks for showing us your great finds once again.

    • GTC

      Thanks so much Colleen. I think I will do both, trunk and ottoman,trunk will go elsewhere for storage. And great ideas! Can you believe all that sewing stuff?

  3. Kirsten

    Oh wow! Those chairs are awesome and in such beautiful condition! If I had to choose, I would definitely choose the wood trunk… I just think would trumps vinyl any day but I’m sure you could make both pieces look fabulous and I am excited to see how they turn out!!!
    Thanks for all of the creative inspiration!

    • GTC

      Thanks Kirsten! I am torn because I love the trunk, but the vinyl thing is really nice to rest your feet on. I will have to change the look of it though, it looks very Vinylly, Lol

  4. chris aka monkey

    dang i wish i lived next door and we were bestest buddies lol you scored and scored this week i am amazed at what wasteful people we are and just trash stuff like that and i am glad you give them new life….wood trunk for sure but i bet the vinyl will look good after you ce ce them up xx

    • GTC

      Thanks Chris! Two votes so far for Trunk. Now what color??

  5. susie

    Time to come out of lurk-dom and comment!
    I sooo envy your dumpster diving-trash picking life style….and very much enjoy seeing all the cool things you ‘save’.
    Thank you always for treating us to your treasures, I love it!
    Ok, so now you can send me those chairs, hee hee!!!
    The ottoman is cool but the trunk is practical, I vote for the trunk.

    • GTC

      Hi Susie! So glad you came of of lurk-dom 🙂 Thank you so much for always stopping by to see some of my craziness. Thanks for the vote on the trunk!

  6. Aggie

    Wow, where do u live and “hunt” for all ur curbside treasures? Very seldom is there good stuff in my town. Your talent and creativity is amazing!!!

    • GTC

      In a semi small suburb. Truthfully, there is junk everywhere, you just have to get used to always keeping your eyes open for it!

  7. Renae

    Great chairs! Dug a fun one out of a dumpster just this morning for myself. I was hoping for a pair, but couldn’t see another one. I like the wood trunk too.

    I just have to say that your blog is one of the highlights of my reading during the week. It is fun to see what crazy and cool things you are doing.

    • GTC

      Wow, big congrats Renae!! Sorry your chair dind’t have a partner, but hey, at least you got one! Thank you so much for stopping by each week for some of my craziness.

    • GTC

      I should be sharing some of my goods! I don’t think I will use it all up. Someone was moving and just dumped EVERYTHING!

  8. Kat

    What fantastic finds!! My town has cleanup days where you are free to put items on the curb…destined for the landfill. You can imagine the rush I felt when I drove up on a 1940’s vanity and matching dresser…complete with the huge mirror in pristine condition. Christmas came early for me, in July during cleanup days.

    • GTC

      Kat, you are SO LUCKY you have large trash pickup, and you are not competing with loads of other people to get to it first. What an awesome find. I would think that was better than Christmas any day!

  9. elaine simmons

    Hi Karen! I think those mid century chairs were commonly known as “Danish Modern”. I used to have some………..showing my age!

    • GTC

      Yes! My parents had similar pieces. What is even funnier, my best friend had these early on in her marriage and her husband go them for free too!

  10. Karen

    Love your weekly haul very impressive. Thanks for the inspiration.


  11. Shelly Andrade

    Oh my gosh! Who throws away all that sewing stuff? I could so use some of that right now.

    • GTC

      I will send you some!!! Sometimes people are moving, and they just start tossing everything. That is how I often find the really good stuff, like all those silk flowers…….lol


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