Trashy Tuesday A Trashy Round Up

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Trashy Tuesday A Trashy Round Up


Welcome to Trashy Tuesday, where we talk trash!

I am sharing some of my favorite Dumpster finds, Junk Makeovers and some of my best advice about Dumpster Diving today.  I always receive lots of questions about Dumpster Diving.  I did my best to answer all those questions in my 3 part series Dumpster Diving.  You can check out all my Trashy Tuesday secrets in Part One, the Comprehensive Guide , Part Two, Apartements and Beyond,  and The Rest of my Trashy Secrets, Part THREE! 

Some of my favorite Trashy Trips have been when I include my kids, like Trashy Tuesday – Take your Daughter to Work Day.  Yes, my kids are good junkers too!

Of course I LOVE finding FREE things, isn’t that the whole point of Dumpster Diving?  One of my favorites, THIS TABLE I found next to a Dumpster.  It was super wobbly, but just needed a few minor repairs.  I painted it with 100% Natural Chalk and Clay Based Paints from CeCe Caldwell’sCinco Bayou Moss and Myrtle Beach Sand, and it sold just as I was finishing it! 

One morning I was out minding my own business…..and I drove past a house that had a whole BUNCH of furniture for FREE outside.  This French Side Table was one of my happiest scores. EVER.  I painted it with CeCe Caldwell’s California Gold, and for a little extra Glam, I used their 100% Natural El Dorado Gold Metallic Wax.  This piece sold fast too.  (which always makes me happy, especially because it started out as a TRASH!) 

I have had so much fun over the past years with Dumpster Diving. It is like going on a treasure hunt every single time!  I have LOVED sharing my junk here with you at Trashy Tuesday. Here is one of my favorite Junk VLOGS, where you get to come along for the Trashy Tuesday ride with me.


  1. ColleenB. ~ Texas

    You totally rock.
    Makes a person feel good when a piece sells so fast.
    If only you lived closer, as I have some pieces that I would be willing to give you that we have had stored in hubby’s workshop for a few years now. One piece that has been stored is a heavy duty round table that has the large claw legs.
    Have 4 nice wooden chairs, without the seats that are also taking up space. Just no place in the house for us to use. :{

    • GTC

      Oh Colleen, I am actually starting to “release” things. LOL. I am venturing into some new projects and I will still be verybusy with paint, but not painting as much! I actually have had some great success selling stuff on Craigslist that I am not going to use. I have a nice pile of extra Christmas Cash now!

  2. Mary Anne Komar

    Have never ever found anything like you have! We live in a small town and they don’t leave stuff on the curb, blast!


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