Trashy Tuesday Rugs and Table Tops

Found in a dumpster rug golf bag redouxinteriors

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!  I have been AWOL with the Trash Talk here lately, mostly due to my extreme busyness with my new business!  If you haven’t heard, I am now a Distributor for CeCe Caldwell’s 100% Natural Chalk + Clay Based Paints.  If you live in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Southern Idaho or Montana and would like information about becoming a retailer, we would love to hear from you!  CLICK HERE to get more info.

My business partner, Kim and I just returned from visiting some of our awesome retailers in Utah and meeting with several potential new ones.  

From left, Holly Ord TO MARKET, Kim Cushing OUI REDOUX, Laura Mair THE OLD FLAMINGO and Melanie Miner TO MARKET

It has been so much fun, but hard work.  I needed a break, and the best way to relax is to go Dumpster Diving!

I was greatly rewarded for my efforts today, and as Trashy Tuesday goes, there is usually a theme.  I found this Giant Rug, (this is the 2nd giant rug I have found) the first is already in our Paint Studio/Warehouse where we are teaching Furniture and Home Decor Painting Classes on a regular basis.  Check out our schedule at my home page.  I might even teach you a thing or two about Dumpster Diving if you come to class. 

I found this blah table top, but could be repurposed into so many things. We have a lot of wall space to cover, so I better get busy.  

I also found this table top…..

And this table top. Coincidence???

Along the lines of strangeness, I found this beat up Golf Bag.  

I loved the idea of maybe upcycling it into a planter like this one I found on Crafts a la Mode 

I also found this bed railing.  I will probably go back tomorrow for its partner.

The rest of my trash talk, I will just sweep under the rug……

Hope you have a totally Trashy Tuesday.



  1. ColleenB. ~ Texas

    More wonderful finds.
    That golf bag can also be used holding your main garden tools, rake, hoe, spade etc. along with your smaller tools. You can also buy the plastic tubes that are made for the golf clubs for items to fit into such as pool cues; just to name a couple

  2. Patty Soriano

    Karen, I’ve also found a nice-sized area rug, but mine was on the curb. A friend of mine had been given two area rugs at one time and she told me that she takes them to the car wash to clean them. She clips them to the wall where they have the clips for your floor mats, then uses the wand to spray them. To dry, we lay them in the yard on a sunny day.

  3. Kirsten

    Congratulations! Would love to hear more about the new venture! Excited for you! I finally got some things going myself


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