Trashy Tuesday One Stop Shopping in a Dumpster

Dumpster Diving Diaries, Le Junque

Trashy Tuesday One Stop Shopping in a Dumpster

Rug golf bag table top dumpster shopping redouxinteriors

Happy Trashy Tuesday!  Did you know your local Dumpster can be as good as a one stop shopping store?  Target?  Walmart?  Dollar Store?  They have nothing a good on an overflowing Dumpster.

Just recently I resumed my Dumpster Diving ways after taking a bit of a break.  One can actually have too much junk…..Lucky for me, the Dumpsters in my area always being restocked with fresh new junk.  Like this very cute, SOLID WOOD bookshelf someone placed right next to one of my favorite dumpsters.

Dumpster solid wood bookshelf redouxinteriors

My finds these past few weeks?  A plethora of goodness.  How about a nice rug?  This rug now resides at our Studio/Warehouse at Oui Redoux in Livermore. The complete junk tour will be shown next Trashy Tuesday, so stay tuned!

Table tops?  Can never have enough of them.  This one is in pretty good shape!

Taking down a fence?  No need to dump all that wood. Just throw it in my van please.  I got lucky enough to get a lead on a pile of barn wood this week too.

wood pile redouxinteriors

We are offering DIY classes once a month at Oui Redoux.  Tomorrow night we are making Reclaimed Wood Chalkboards using CeCe Caldwell’s paints, CeCe’s 100% natural metallic wax and my free reclaimed wood! 

cut wood for rustic diy chalkboard redouxinteriors

How about some dressers missing drawers.  Two of them this week, with a possible third in the works.  These are nice solid wood dressers.  I can whip up some cute trays and boxes to go in those areas where the drawers used to reside.

dresser without drawers solid wood redouxinteriors

Golf anyone?  Well sorry, no clubs this time.  This can make a nice planter though.  Saw some cute pics on Pinterest for ideas.

In my spare time, maybe I will take up knitting again…..or maybe not. An entire bag of yarn and knitting needles.  I think my local Salvation Army will appreciate this donation. 

I love to read, and I especially love to learn new things.  I found the People’s Almanac!

The information may be a bit dated….

peoples almanac 1978 redouxinteriors

But the facts are still the same.  Did you know that the Hatfields and McCoys really was America’s biggest Family Feud, excluding the long standing popularity of the American Game Show with the same name 😉 

redouxinteriors hatfield and mccoy

I also was not aware that Edgar Allen Poe and Charles Dickens actually met in real life. It was fun to read how that meeting went down.  Two eccentrics getting together for a chat. Wish I could have listened in on that conversation!   Good to know what each of them wore too! 

edgar allen poe meets charles dickens redouxinteriors

Going out for a night on the town?  Don’t forget your little black purse!  I thought I mighy gussy it up a bit with some of my favorite CeCe Caldwell’s Metallic Wax! 

dumpster found purse redouxinteriors

You never know what treasures you will find in Dumpsters.  They are time saving too!  Remember, your local Dumpster really can be one stop shopping! 


  1. Ginny

    I thought of you when I was in Paris recently and saw a guy dumpster diving. He pulled two perfectly good plants out of a garbage bin in front of a closed florist. Thanks for your blog!

    • GTC

      Thank you so much Ginny! I am thrilled you thought of me in Paris. That is a great story! Ahh, to Dumpster Dive in Paris! Hope you had a great time 🙂

  2. Anonymous fan

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that your link is broken. Looks like the dot is missing between ouiredoux and com. Thanks!

    • GTC

      Thank you for letting me know!!

  3. Marsha

    I just found your blog. I got a kick out of the goodies you’ve found. I’ve been known to check out a dumpster, too. I walk with friends and they offer to help me take my “treasures” back to my car. I got a tetanus shot last year since I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had one. Gotta keep healthy!

    • GTC

      Thanks for coming by Marsha! Very good reminder about my tetanus shot. I am not sure mine is current!


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