Trashy Tuesday, Lamps, Clamps and a Surf Board Bench

Dumpster Diving Diaries, Le Junque

Trashy Tuesday, Lamps, Clamps and a Surf Board Bench


Welcome to my weekly Trashy Tuesday series (well almost weekly) where I share all my Dumpster Finds, Curbside Treasures and Free Furniture.

I found things that rhyme this week and I didn’t even try!   My friend who is an active member of my Junk Network (which if you are a junker, you must read THIS post and develop one of your own) often texts me with free finds.  This week she scored those amazing Wood Clamps.  

That chair was also a freebie. I have so much new JUNK that I had to spread it over several posts.  Check back next week for sure to see my whole new living room of Junk.

My Free Picking friend also picked up these cool old Metal Clamps.

And if that wasn’t good enough, she got these Lamps!  Shades included.  All at one Garage Sale, all FREE. 

lamps found for free redouxinteriors

By the way, did you know that cruising around Garage Sale neighborhoods around 11-12 is the best time to get things for free or practically nothing.  Even better, go later in the afternoon and you won’t have to talk to anybody, the stuff will be on the curb!  You can find tons of tips at my Dumpster Diving Series, Three Parts!  

Now for that Surf Board Bench.  Truly.  A Surf Board Bench!!

I just happen to be in need of a bench for extra seating for my outdoor entertaining.  And, I just happen to be in need of a junky Surf board.  My oldest is graduating High School and the Grad Night committee is collecting old Surf Boards to paint and fix up to go with the Boardwalk theme.  I am donating some of my beloved CeCe Caldwell’s Paints to the cause too.  These all natural paints can go over any surface, no prep, no prime and 100% natural!  The whole Grad Night painting party is inside, it might be nice to save our lungs while we are at it!

You may be wondering where I would find such a thing as a Surf Board bench?  Behind a bank in the downtown area of my town of course! Where else would be the logical place to dump and find a Surf Board bench.

Like I always say, if there is a piece of furniture you need, keep it on your mind.  It will show up in or around a Dumpster.  Like these awesome Mid Century Danish Chairs! You can totally decorate your whole house by what you find in a Dumpster.  I have made a point of it, like in Decorate From a Dumpster my Office Tour.   Or check out how to Decorate your Bedroom from a Dumpster!  Or my favorite type of Trashy Tuesday, Decorate your Outdoor Space from a Dumpster. 

They are heading to the upholsterer soon.  Can’t wait!  To read more about all my Trashy Tuesday adventures, be sure so subscribe to my blog!

PS are you wondering how to makeover your old junk?  If you are in the SF Bay Area or might be here for a visit, my friend and I at Oui Redoux would love to teach you a thing or two about how to make over your old furniture and Decor with 100% Natural CeCe Caldwell’s Paints.  

That’s it for Trashy Tuesday.  Hope you have the Trashiest week ever.




  1. dissabok

    Сохрани до момента подведения итогов акции чек/чеки, подтверждающие покупку ювелирного изделия в магазинах «Русские самоцветы» играть в видеопокер


    Those chairs, gah, I am jealous! The are awesome and fun. I am also a web jealous of those clamps! great junk this week and great tips as always!!

    • GTC

      Hey Kim! Can you believe I got those clamps for free??? Hope all is well with you and you are feeling good 🙂

  3. kirby carespodi

    LOVE those chairs, and can’t wait to see what you do with the lamps.

    • GTC

      Thanks Kirby. I can’t wait to see what I do with those lamps either. We both may be waiting a while. I have a serious back log of trash….

  4. Sally

    OMG!!! What great items and you gave me an awesome idea for the bench I was needing for my outdoor area. Thank you so much. I really love your dumpster diving, free stuff from wherever items.


    • GTC

      Thank you so much Sally! That surf board bench was one of my all time favorite finds. And behind a bank!

  5. Ryantwinz

    they are the lamp shades I have been looking for….Are you keeping them?

    • GTC

      Hi BJ, do you live in the SF Bay Area?

  6. HowardHug

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